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Health coaches share how ‘superfoods’ can fuel our fitness

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Many of us who barely have time to finish our morning coffee find it challenging to religiously follow a healthy and balanced meal. Of course, there are options like meal plan subscriptions or having someone prepare the food for you, but for solo dwellers whose schedule can vary day to day, sometimes you will find that a meal or two will not be consumed because suddenly there is an event you need to go to out of town. You get my point.

Sekaya, a plant-based brand that offers superfood powders that aim to support and optimize one’s healthy and active lifestyle had a nice idea. Recently, Sekaya teamed up with Olympic and elite performance nutrition coach Jeaneth Aro and raw food chef and health coach Mia Sison who gave their insight and suggestions on how to incorporate superfoods into your daily meals.

Raw food chef and health coach Mia Sison

The latest Prescribing Nature Series session, which highlights How Superfood Powders Can Fuel Your Fitness put the spotlight on Sekaya Raw Actives, the brand’s line of high-quality plant-based superfood powders that are easy to mix into drinks and add to dishes.

Aro, notably the nutrition coach of athletes like Olympic gold medalist Hidilyn Diaz, said that superfoods play an outsized role in keeping athletes and active individuals in top shape.

“For highly active individuals such as pro and elite athletes or recreational athletes, it’s a must to complement and augment their healthy lifestyle habits. And superfoods can be a great addition to their toolbox of health-promoting habits,” Aro shared.

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Veggie sticks and tortillas snack comes with Zucchini Powerbeet Hummus

Aro emphasizes the importance of superfoods for athletes, enhancing nutrition, energy, and recovery. Choose trusted sources with effective processing methods for optimal results.

To help people add superfoods into their daily meals and maximize their benefits, Sison shared easy tips and tricks that can help anyone make veggie-rich dishes more enticing.

“Whether you’re prepping food for yourself or your entire family, you can make healthy dishes more delicious—especially to picky eaters—by mixing in more flavors. For example, you can use coconut milk for added creaminess and sweetness,” Sison pointed out.

Pea Protein alleviates muscle soreness and fatigue

To demonstrate this, she crafted her own hummus using zucchinis and sesame seeds instead of the usual chickpeas and coconut nectar as a sweetener, adding a colorful twist with Sekaya Raw Actives Powerbeet. Sekaya’s superfood powders easily blend into various dishes and beverages, encouraging culinary experimentation. Powerbeet, enriched with nitrates that convert to nitric oxide, enhances oxygen and energy for workouts, improving blood flow and muscle function.

Pea Protein aids muscle recovery with natural BCAAs, reducing exercise-induced protein breakdown and muscle damage. It also promotes satiety and reduces fat accumulation. For recovery, Barley Green offers antioxidants like vitamins A and C, soothing inflammation post-workout, and facilitating muscle repair with amino acids. These products optimize fitness at all levels, enhancing stamina, recovery, and overall performance.

Olympic and elite performance nutrition coach Jeaneth Aro

“We’re always excited to present our Sekaya Raw Actives products, as this curated line of nutrient-dense and easy-to-mix superfoods has been helping many users stay active and achieve their fitness and health goals,” Kimi Abapo, Marketing Manager at Synnovate, emphasized.

“Our mission is to educate Filipinos about high-quality natural products. Initiatives like the Prescribing Nature Series help us inform and empower consumers to make informed choices.”

Learn more about Sekaya and its products by checking out its official social media accounts and website.

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