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Christian John Doyon: Following in His Father’s Off-Road Tracks

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In the world of sports and motoring, the age-old saying “like father, like son” holds true for many individuals. Christian John Doyon, a talented young off-road racer, has chosen to pursue the same sport that his father, Geronimo, once ruled. Inspired by his father’s achievements, Doyon has set his sights on becoming a national champion off-roader himself, to which today, he has finally achieved.

The journey to success was far from easy for the now 22-year-old Doyon – the recently-crowned Golden Wheel Awards “4×4 Driver of the Year”. He first stepped behind the wheel at the tender age of 13 in his hometown of Ormoc City. Even at such a young age, Doyon experienced the challenges and financial commitments involved in off-roading, gaining a firsthand understanding of the rigors associated with the sport. Despite the obstacles, his love for off-roading only grew stronger. “Hindi basta biro ang hirap sa off-road, but I really enjoy it since I love it very much,” shared Doyon, who dominated the national off-road scene last year.

Despite his youth, Doyon fearlessly competed against some of the country’s best off-roaders. His talent and dedication earned him prestigious titles such as the 2015-2017 Visayas NASFOR – Golden Wheel Driver of the Year Award, the 2018 EcoTrail 4×4 Challenge, the 2019 Sinulog 4×4 Challenge, and the 2019 NASFOR Digos City Challenge.

However, it was in the National Association of Filipino Off-roaders (NASFOR) Extreme 4×4 Challenge 2023 that Doyon faced his ultimate test. This premier 4×4 competition, held annually in different provinces from January to December, pitted him against the nation’s finest off-roaders. After a hiatus during the pandemic, Doyon made a triumphant comeback at the urging of his father, testing their newly-created buggy. Although he briefly switched to downhill and enduro biking in 2022, his return to off-roading proved to be a turning point in his career.

Back in the driver’s seat of a newly-built buggy, Doyon showcased his skills and determination, securing four victories in the Zamboanga, Davao, Digos, and Dipolog legs of the series. He also achieved three other podium finishes. His exceptional performance, including a first runner-up finish in the Philippine Tough Truck Challenge 2023, solidified his claim as the Off-Road Driver of the Year.

Looking ahead, Doyon is determined to defend his title despite not yet participating in this year’s series. With three legs already completed, he remains hopeful. “There are already three legs disputed, but only two of them would count. I can still catch up, and I’m very hopeful to do well once again so I can defend my title,” he affirmed.

Furthermore, Doyon’s excellence in the world of sports has not gone unnoticed. He is the proud recipient of the Garbo Awards (Pride of Ormoc), a prestigious accolade presented by the Ormoc LGU to individuals who excel in the world of sports.

Indeed, Christian John Doyon is a name to watch out for in the off-road racing world. With his remarkable talent, unwavering determination, and a supportive father by his side, Doyon is poised to leave a lasting mark as he continues his journey to become a national champion off-roader.


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