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Kristine Lim’s ‘Bridging Horizons’ continues to champion cultural exchange through art

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In October of last year, Kristine Lim, a visionary artist, started an ambitious project called Bridging Horizons: Naval Culture Through Arts.

Speaking with Manila Standard Life during the official launch, the visual artist, also known as the “Artist on a Mission,” shared that the project was a collaborative effort with the Philippine Navy.

“The project is transcending the boundaries of traditional art. It aims to strengthen the nation’s civil defense and make a significant impact on the international stage,” emphasized Kristine, highlighting that Bridging Horizons is not merely an exhibition but a dynamic voyage fostering international connections.

Kristine and the Philippine Navy have been visiting government institutions, agencies, naval bases, and historical sites worldwide, presenting artworks created by Kristine as tokens of friendship to solidify relationships with other nations. Additionally, they visit embassies, paying courtesy calls to ambassadors and dignitaries.

The courtesy call for the ‘Bridging Horizons’ project at the AFP General Headquarters

In February, their commitment was further realized with a ceremony at the residence of the Russian Ambassador to the Philippines, Marat Pavlov, where artwork was presented for the project.

Kristine led the event as the Philippine Navy’s Goodwill Ambassador for Culture and Arts, and she was accompanied by Uno G. Lim PN (Res).

During the ceremony, Kristine reiterated that their mission is multifaceted. Bridging Horizons is not driven by a single goal but rather a constellation of ambitions.

The project aims to be a cultural showcase, training the spotlight on the beauty and significance of Philippine heritage on the world stage. It aspires to foster diplomacy through art, nurturing artistic and cultural interactions to strengthen diplomatic ties. Additionally, it supports military arts and civil-military operations, contributing to a well-rounded and effective Philippine Navy.

The turnover of Kristine’s artwork at the residence of Russian Ambassador to the Philippines Marat Pavlov (third from left) with celebrity reservist Major Dingdong Dantes (second from right)

Furthermore, Bridging Horizons envisions itself as a cultural exchange hub, establishing platforms where people from diverse backgrounds can connect through art, music, and shared ideas. Ultimately, the project seeks to contribute to the modernization of the Philippine Navy, supporting its goal of becoming a leading-edge force by 2028.

The initiative’s potential to bolster international relations was emphasized by Vice Admiral Toribio D. Adaci, Jr., Flag Officer in Command of the Philippine Navy. He highlighted the longstanding relationship between the Philippines and Russia, expressing optimism that the project would further solidify these bonds.

Meanwhile, the journey of Bridging Horizons continues to garner support. On March 15, Lt. Gen. Charlton Sean Gaerlan, Deputy Chief of Staff of the Armed Forces of the Philippines, received celebrity reservist Major Jose Sixto “Dingdong” Dantes and Kristine (who is a Navy reservist) at the AFP General Headquarters.

From left: Dingdong Dantes, Kristine Lim, and Deputy Chief of Staff of the Armed Forces of the Philippines Lt. Gen. Charlton Sean Gaerlan

The Philippine Navy and Kristine presented two artworks from Bridging Horizons, emphasizing the project’s role in promoting diplomacy and civil-military operations through cultural exchange, particularly by engaging the reserve force.

Lt. Gen. Gaerlan expressed his appreciation for the reservists’ dedication to empowering others and contributing to the AFP’s mission. He stressed the importance of unity for enduring peace and the unwavering support of the AFP for Bridging Horizons.


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