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BTS-themed exhibit offers immersive experience for fans

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The B★VERSE: BTS, Singing the Stars exhibit has opened in Manila, offering fans an immersive experience with the globally renowned K-pop group BTS.

The exhibit provides a chance for fans to engage with BTS’ music and artistry in a distinctive setting. Coinciding with the countdown to member Jin’s return, the exhibit features various attractions celebrating BTS’s impact and legacy.

In partnership with Araneta City, YIZ Entertainment has invited some members of the press and content creators to have an exclusive first look of the BTS-themed exhibit, and I, as an ARMY, wouldn’t miss it for the world.

Various photocards showing off different poses of BTS members are featured on the exhibit

The first thing you need to know is that while some areas allow photos and videos, other areas strictly prohibit any photography or filming.

Bringing my Armybomb (you must not turn it on) and a photocard of my bias, which is V, I entered the VR Room, and boy, it brought me to tears. Well, as for me, who hasn’t seen them perform up close, the VR exhibit serves as that missing puzzle of being an ARMY. It let me experience watching Bangtan like I was in a front-row barricade, SVIP, or whatever seat you could call it that I could almost reach them.

Get ready to sing your hearts out and scream at the top of your lungs with their performances of “Butter”, “Permission To Dance”, “Yet To Come”, and “For Youth” at The Fact Music Awards 2021-2022 as if you were just really inches away from them.

The exhibit features various rooms centered around the boy band’s legacy throughout the years

Reserve your energy as the fun part is just about to begin as you enter the Orbital Tunnel that will lead you to the BTS Universe and the Galaxy Aisle.

The Galaxy Aisle is like a gateway to each member’s respective planet – RM’s Nature Planet, Jin’s Satellite, Suga’s Art Planet, J-Hope’s Hope Planet, Jimin’s Aqua Planet, V’s Film Planet, and Jung Kook’s Prism Planet. Each room is designed based on each member’s personality where ARMYs can feel the moment of fangirling over their biases.

Walking down the Army Way felt like a flashback of BTS’ journey as musicians who paved the way to introduce K-pop to most non-K-pop fans. It is an exhibit space that features lyrics from some of the group’s hit songs. It also showcases the winners of the TMA Awards from 2020 to 2022.

Watching BTS performances in a 360-degree view is like heaven. At The Post Show: Meteor Shower area, ARMYs can sit all they want and just watch some of BTS performances.

Fans can take the time to visit the ‘B«VERSE: BTS, Singing the Stars’ exhibit until Aug. 16

Before leaving, you’ll get to see the Gift Shop where you can get yourself some mementos including photocards, postcards, tote bags, shirts, calendars, and a clear file set.

What better way to end the ARMY experience than to get yourself some photos with Bangtan. No matter who your bias is, I know you won’t miss the chance to get an OT7 photo with the members’ standees at the Photo Zone.

Located at the Level 4 of Gateway 2, B★VERSE Manila opened its doors for ARMYs on May 17 and it will run until Aug. 16. Fans can choose between two types of passes for the exhibit – the Regular passes and the Flexi passes (which can be used at any time on a booked date), pricing at P1,500 and P1,900, respectively. Both tickets come with a pouch with a random official photocard and an ARMY badge.

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