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Light up the night with OPPO Reno11 Series 5G

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Mobile photography has completely evolved overtime. What started to be just a “nice to have” from phones is now one of the main features we look into when buying our mobile devices.

As more mobile phones come with camera systems that can take professional level photographs, OPPO continues to push the envelope in smartphone photography with its Reno11 Series 5G, boasting innovative imaging technologies, allowing users to capture stunning photos in various conditions, especially at night, setting a new standard for low-light photography.

The OPPO Reno11 Series 5G is equipped with an Ultra-Clear Portrait Camera System that combines a 50MP main camera with optical image stabilization (OIS) and a 32MP tele-portrait camera. This powerful duo ensures that every shot is crisp, clear, and vibrant, even at night.

Scenic night landscape shot taken by Reno League member Laureen Uy

Night photography presents unique challenges, from dim lighting to motion blur but the OPPO Reno11 Series 5G is engineered to tackle these hurdles head-on, ensuring every shot stands out even in the darkest conditions.

Looking to get into night photography? Check out how the key features of the OPPO Reno11 Series 5G can get you started, plus snaps from OPPO’s very own Reno League to take inspiration from.

Stay steady and ready with the 50MP Main Camera with OIS

The 50MP main camera features a Sony LYT600 sensor and a fast f/1.8 aperture lens, which significantly improves light intake and reduces noise. Optical Image Stabilization (OIS) ensures that your night shots remain steady and blur-free, making it possible to capture clear images without the need for a tripod.

Reno League member Bea Alonzo captures the picturesque landscape of South Korea

Shine in the dark with the 32MP Tele-Portrait Camera

Powered by the Sony IMX709 sensor, the 32MP tele-portrait camera excels in low-light conditions, capturing detailed and vibrant portraits at night. Its RGBW pixel arrangement increases photosensitivity by 60% and reduces noise by 35%, ensuring your night portraits are as crisp and colorful as possible.

Aside from its powerful camera system, the OPPO Reno11 Series 5G is also packed with advanced features that will allow you to capture professional-grade night images effortlessly.

Ultra-Clear Portrait Expert

This technology optimizes every aspect of your photo, from facial recognition to skin tone protection, ensuring your night shots look natural and flattering. Whether you’re capturing cityscapes or intimate portraits, the Ultra-Clear Portrait Expert makes every shot a masterpiece.

Pro-Grade Portrait Mode

With adjustable aperture settings ranging from f/1.4 to f/16, the Pro-Grade Portrait Mode allows you to control the depth of field and bokeh effect. This feature is perfect for creating stunning night portraits with a professional touch, highlighting your subject against beautifully blurred backgrounds.

Advanced In-Sensor Zoom

The advanced in-sensor zoom technology allows you to capture clear and detailed shots at up to 5x zoom. This makes it ideal for capturing distant subjects at night without compromising on image quality, ensuring that every detail is preserved.

The OPPO Reno11 Series 5G is designed to exceed expectations of smartphone photography enthusiasts. Its elegant design, inspired by nature, combined with powerful camera capabilities, makes it the perfect companion for capturing the beauty of the night.

The OPPO Reno11 5G is available for PHP 24,999 while the OPPO Reno11 Pro 5G retails for P31,999 at all authorized OPPO retail stores nationwide and on OPPO’s official Shopee, Lazada, and TikTok Shop channels.

New OPPO Reno11 Series 5G users can still redeem these perks when they register and bind their devices in the MyOPPO app:

● 100 PICKUP Points from PICKUP COFFEE

● Billow Minis from BASH

● Php 200 voucher from Bistro Group

● Exclusive to new My OPPO users – Php 200 gift code from Zalora

For more information on the OPPO Reno11 Series 5G and the MyOPPO App, visit OPPO Philippines’ official website at and Facebook page.


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