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FUJIFILM Philippines partners with Makati to provide free ultrasound to residents

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FUJIFILM Philippines, a leading provider of innovative imaging and healthcare solutions, has partnered with the City Government of Makati to provide free, high-quality diagnostic services to residents through its weekly caravan in various barangays.

Masahiro Uehara, president of FUJIFILM Philippines, said that through this partnership, the company is reinforcing its commitment to improving access to essential healthcare services for communities in Makati.

“At FUJIFILM Philippines, we believe that everyone deserves access to quality healthcare, regardless of their socioeconomic background. By collaborating with the City Government of Makati, we can reach more individuals and provide them with the diagnostic services they need to maintain their health and well-being,” he said.

The weekly Makati Lingkod Bayan Caravan provides residents with a wide range of diagnostic services, including general check-ups, blood pressure monitoring, blood sugar screening, and consultations with healthcare professionals.

FUJIFILM Philippines started offering Makati residents free ultrasound services on April 20. The company continues to set up booths every week in barangays where the Makati Lingkod Bayan Caravan is held to augment health services provided by the Makati Health Department and the Ospital ng Makati. FUJIFILM Philippines utilizes the Arietta series machine for general ultrasound to diagnose residents’ medical conditions. This initiative not only assists in early detection but also encourages the public to take proactive steps toward managing their health.

The company will also bring its flagship product, the FDR Xair, a portable X-ray device that can help local healthcare providers screen for tuberculosis (TB) in the succeeding caravans. Weighing only 3.5 kg, the FDR Xair is highly portable and can function without electricity for hours. It provides a much-needed screening solution at any given point in time and can be used in various medical treatment settings, such as patients’ homes, isolation wards, and remote areas.

Aside from free diagnostic tests, FUJIFILM Philippines also provides free photography training and a pop-up studio with free photo printing to residents to foster creativity and offer new opportunities for personal and professional growth.

Uehara said Makati’s initiative to bring health services closer to residents aligns with Fujifilm’s purpose to bring more smiles to Filipinos. The company continues to collaborate with governments, international organizations, civil society, and the private sector to address healthcare challenges.

” FUJIFILM Philippines aims to bring more smiles to Filipinos through innovative products and services. We believe that collaborating with the Makati LGU through the Makati Lingkod Bayan Caravan will help us extend our assistance to even more people. Thanks to Mayor Abby’s support and the local government, we were able to participate in this meaningful activity,” he added.

Makati is the second local government unit in the country to partner with FUJIFILM Philippines after its successful medical mission and TB screening program in Majayjay, Laguna last year. The free ultrasound and x-ray program for Makati residents will run until November.

Over 300 patients in Majayjay availed themselves of free x-ray services, with overwhelmingly positive feedback from the community. FUJIFILM Philippines’ dedication to accessible healthcare has earned them widespread praise, not only for their technical expertise but also for their commitment to serving communities in need.

During the medical mission in Majayjay, FUJIFILM Philippines used two of its state-of-the-art x-ray machines: the FDR nano and the FDR Go PLUS. These two mobile imaging devices are designed for high-quality X-ray imaging. Both are lightweight and compact, making them ideal for testing people in diverse healthcare environments.

Established in 1934 as a producer of photographic film in Japan, Fujifilm has dedicated itself to creating leading-edge, proprietary technologies by leveraging its photography expertise into other products and markets. Its businesses today span a diversified range of product segments based on a portfolio of chemical, mechanical, optical, electronic, and imaging technologies. The company started its operations in the Philippines in 2012.

This year, Fujifilm is celebrating its 90th anniversary and coinciding with this celebration, Fujifilm launched a new global Purpose, “Giving our world more smiles” which underscores the company’s commitment to bring diverse ideas, unique capabilities, and extraordinary people together to change the world. Whether enhancing medical diagnostics, optimizing manufacturing processes, or advancing environmental sustainability, Fujifilm remains steadfast in its mission to build a brighter, healthier future for all.


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