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Natural wealth and economic promise of Pangasinan’s 5th District

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More than the iconic destinations in Pangasinan lies the dynamic 5th District, where Representative Ramon N. Guico, Jr. champions comprehensive growth.

The development extends to all aspects, from local industries to tourism, infusing the district with a renewed sense of vitality and opportunity. Just a short drive away and easily accessible via major expressways, you’ll uncover the diverse array of offerings within Pangasinan’s 5th District. Here, each unique product and destination add depth to its rich identity.

Gifts of the Land

Rice fields stretch as far as the eyes can see, affirming Pangasinan’s status as one of the nation’s premier rice-producing provinces. Beyond rice, corn cultivation flourishes alongside vegetable farms teeming with tomatoes, eggplants, and bitter gourd.

Orchards bear witness to the bounty of nature, yielding mangoes, citrus fruits, and guavas that enrich the local landscape. Inland bodies of water host thriving aquaculture ventures, with tilapia and bangus farms sustaining the district’s seafood industry.

The district’s agricultural landscape extends beyond crops to encompass vibrant livestock and poultry industries. Poultry farms dot the countryside, supplying fresh chicken and duck products to local markets. Swine production thrives, meeting the demand for pork products, while cattle farming contributes to the availability of beef in communities across the district.

Mills hum with activity, processing harvested grains for distribution and sale, while feed mills churn out essential animal feeds for farms across the region. Small-scale food processing enterprises add value to local produce, crafting rice cakes, banana chips, and dried fish for both local consumption and commercial distribution.

Artisans weave intricate bamboo crafts, fashioning furniture and decor items that showcase the district’s rich cultural heritage. Nipa palm leaves find new life as roofing materials, baskets, and mats, while skilled woodworkers craft furniture and decorative pieces from locally sourced timber.

Riches of Nature

The district welcomes adventurers with its natural wonders, from cascading waterfalls and meandering rivers to scenic landscapes ripe for exploration. Eco-tourism destinations offer outdoor recreation and nature-based activities, while farms and agricultural estates welcome visitors for agri-tourism experiences. Resorts and accommodations provide a haven for relaxation, offering amenities for leisure and comfort.

Antong Falls in Sison promises a tranquil retreat amidst lush greenery, while Boraoac River Eco Park in Binalonan offers a sanctuary for nature enthusiasts. Historical sites like Fray Andres de Urdaneta Park and Jose Palma Shrine in Binalonan pay homage to the district’s rich heritage, while Lubas Valley Farm provides a glimpse into sustainable agriculture.

Reotutar Resort in Binalonan invites families and groups to unwind in its pristine surroundings, while the Sto. Tomas Corn Monument celebrates the district’s agricultural legacy with a unique landmark.

As Rep. Guico leads the charge for economic growth and development, the 5th District of Pangasinan emerges as a shining example of progress and prosperity.

Through strategic initiatives and a steadfast commitment to bolstering local industries and tourism, the district paves the way for a brighter future for both its residents and visitors. In doing so, it contributes to the vision of a “Bagong Pilipinas,” embodying progress and prosperity for all.


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