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Breaking the Silence: Filipinos embrace end-of-life planning

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Filipinos cherish and celebrate strong family bonds, yet death largely remains a subject whispered in hushed tones, if spoken about at all. This often leaves families unprepared for the emotional and logistical challenges of a loved one’s passing. 

“For generations, Filipino families have prioritized strong bonds, yet a crucial conversation has often been left unspoken,” says Edgardo P. Aytona, PhilPlans Assistant Vice President. 

“The tide is turning. We’re thrilled to see more Filipinos recognizing the importance of pre-planning for end-of-life needs. By taking the time to discuss and plan preferences, families can navigate this difficult time with greater emotional and logistical ease, allowing them to focus on cherishing the memory of their dearly beloved.”

Beyond Practicalities: The Emotional Impact

Pre-planning goes far beyond the practicalities of funeral arrangements. 

Imagine the profound grief of losing a loved one, compounded by the immediate need to make crucial decisions about their final wishes. Unplanned deaths can leave families in emotional turmoil, struggling with financial burdens and conflicting preferences. 

Pre-planning fosters open communication that allows families to navigate this difficult time with greater clarity, respect, and peace of mind. By proactively addressing arrangements, individuals alleviate the burden on their loved ones and ensure their final wishes are honored respectfully.

Guiding Filipinos Through Sensitive Conversations

PhilPlans understands the delicate nature of these discussions within Filipino culture but also believes it’s a conversation that needs to be had because the pros outweigh the cons. 

For those who have discomfort, the industry leader offers the following tips on how to start these discussions with sensitivity.        

Start small: Begin by sharing your thoughts on deathcare options, like cremation or memorial gardens.

Focus on honoring wishes: Approach the discussion toensure your loved one’s final wishes are respected.

Listen with empathy: Acknowledge the emotional weight of the topic and create a safe space for open communication.

Empowering Filipinos with Actionable Steps

Pre-planning doesn’t have to be overwhelming. Here are some practical steps to get started.

Gather information: Research different pre-need plan options and their benefits. PhilPlans offers a variety of customizable plans to suit individual needs.

Initiate the conversation: Choose a calm and private moment to talk to your loved ones.

Work together: Discuss preferences for end-of-life care, funeral arrangements, and memorial services with your loved ones.

Document your wishes:  Write down your preferences for medical care, financial matters, funeral arrangements, and other important details to ensure that your wishes are known and followed.

Consult with professionals. With the help of a team of experienced estate planners, lawyers, and financial advisors, you can ensure every aspect of your pre-planning is handled effectively, giving you the confidence that your wishes will be carried out smoothly.

Planning for Your Memories:  A Final Gift of Love

Death is inevitable, and planning how loved ones will honor your end-of-life wishes can be challenging.  At PhilPlans, we understand the difficulty of talking about final moments, which is why our agents and counselors are here to guide you through the process with care, sensitivity and compassion.

Jaime B. Dizon, President & CEO of PhilPlans, encourages individuals to envision a memorial service that reflects the life they have lived and the values they hold dear. Dizon says, “No one understands your journey better than you do.   By proactively planning, you provide your loved ones with a roadmap on how to honor your legacy with warmth and affection.”

He further added, “Consider the relief you could offer to your friends and family.  By sparing them from tough decisions during an emotional time, you give them the space to reminisce and celebrate their fond memories of you, knowing they are fulfilling your final wishes exactly the way you wanted it to be.  It is a profound act of love and a final gift to those you cherish.”

Take the opportunity while you still can and let PhilPlanshelp you in creating a meaningful tribute to your life and legacy.

PhilPlans stands with Filipino families as they navigate this evolving landscape. It offers not just pre-need plans but also resources and support to help facilitate these crucial conversations. By working together, we can ensure Filipinos have the opportunity to express their love and respect through dignified and fulfilling goodbyes.


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