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Add a new and exciting twist to your birthdays with the ALL-NEW Red Ribbon Vanilla Sprinkles Dedication Cake

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Give your birthdays a colorful and exciting twist with the all-new Red Ribbon Vanilla Sprinkles Dedication Cake! This new, fun party cake takes the classic vanilla flavor to the next level with a creamier and more colorful ensemble that makes birthdays more special, something kids will surely love.

Kids want colorful birthdays, and the Vanilla Sprinkles Dedication Cake offers that wonderful combination of delightfully creamy vanilla taste, and fun, bright colorful design.

With the new Red Ribbon Vanilla Sprinkles Cake, you have an excellent centerpiece for birthdays and all kinds of celebrations. It’s lined with elegantly designed vanilla icing that has a creamy taste, smooth texture, and just the right sweetness. The cake looks fun with colorful sprinkles on top and in the filling that brighten up the cake, something kids will enjoy seeing. Each bite definitely feels like a colorful party in the mouth, with the mix of creamy vanilla icing, soft vanilla chiffon and sweet candy sprinkles.

Take your birthdays to the next level and go to your nearest Red Ribbon store to try the all-new Vanilla Sprinkles Dedication Cake! Price starts at Php 500. You can also order it via the delivery website, the Red Ribbon app, the delivery hotline at #87777, or Grab Food and Foodpanda.

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