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PSL welcomes cage legends Simon, Gayoso, Hontiveros

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The Pilipinas Super League is turning out to be a collection of basketball legends.

Right after naming Philippine basketball’s shooting icon Allan Caidic as commissioner and tapping his long-time Presto teammate, Gerry Esplana as his deputy, the fastest-growing nationwide basketball organization is now welcoming a few more PBA stars in their family.

On Saturday, the PSL formally introduced Peter June Simon, an eight-time PBA champion, as the deputy commissioner for the league’s Mindanao leg.   

A member of the 2014 grand slam team of San Mig Coffee, Simon is excited to embrace on his new, but more challenging role as a league executive.

“This is a new chapter for me, a new journey. So to the people in Mindanao, watch out for PSL’s Mindanao leg in January.”      

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Two years ago, Simon and fellow franchise great Marc Pingris, were given tribute by Magnolia as their jersey numbers were officially retired.

But Simon will not only be the other former PBA stars that is joining the PSL as Caidic, the record holder for the most points (79) and most number of three-point shots (17) as the league is also proud to welcome Dondon Hontiveros and Jayvee Gayoso as two more deputies. 

A multiple-time PBA champion,  Hontiveros is going to become the deputy commissioner for the Visayas while Gayoso, a former Ginebra star, will become the deputy commissioner for Luzon.

Former PBA stars Peter June Simon (right), Dondon Hontiveros (second from right) and Jayvee Gayoso are being welcomed by PSL executives led by president Cris Bautista (third from right), special assistant to the chief executive officer Bong Baribar (middle) and league commissioner Allan Caidic(second from left).

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