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Troy and KC Montero Make the Most Out of the ‘Worst Vacations Ever’

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In this day and age of social media projection, nobody seems to be having a bad vacation. Amidst the well-curated Instagram feeds and heart-react flooded Facebook posts of people on exotic vacations, it’s pretty hard to imagine anyone still experiencing a vacation from hell. 

As everybody is hung up on the pursuit for the perfect getaway, brothers KC and Troy Montero aims to achieve the exact opposite through Discovery Channel’s new show Worst Vacation Ever. Meticulously scouring the internet for the horrible review among rows and rows of recommendation, Troy and KC set out to recreate and dissect the elements of the worst vacation ever.

Troy and KC’s misadventures from Makati to Cambodia is a daring brew of comedy and danger. Some of the antics they pulled involve getting drunk tattoos, boxing with midgets, trying out Cambodia’s infamous ‘happy pizza,’ looking for paranormal creatures, and a whole lotta crazy. 

'Worst Vacation Ever' hosts Troy and Kc Montero prove that the worst vacation ever can still be your best one yet.

Always game to up the ante, the brothers constantly make things worse by dramatically reducing their spending money, forcing each other to share a tiny bed, and by planning surprise side-adventures for each other based on their phobias and pet peeves.

Ironically, although the brothers set out to have the worst vacation ever, each episode demonstrates a heartwarming conclusion that many have always known but found hard to believe: The best vacations do not depend on the time, place, or even budget. Regardless of the many things that can go wrong despite painstaking planning, sometimes, just having someone to ride the crazy waves with is enough. 

Brothers Troy and KC show the audience that when the going gets tough, a que sera sera mentality and a carefree attitude can help anyone turn a disastrous vacation into an awesome one yet. 

Worst Vacation Ever is on the Discovery Channel every Monday at 8:10 p.m.. Get ready to get a good laugh and learn how a horrible vacation can end up being the best story to share over a cold pint.


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