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Wednesday, December 6, 2023

Why watching the news matters

The pandemic has affected our mobility, our sense of time, our emotions, and even the way we think and make decisions. It has completely changed our lives.

The feeling of being stuck in the present, combined with the inability to plan ahead, has made people to just look for entertainment and completely turn off their notification on everything that’s news. There’s nothing wrong with that, but sometimes, it helps that we are informed.

In an interview with Prof. Winnie Monsod, she underscored the importance of watching or reading the news. While she entertains herself by watching Netflix, she never misses a day to stay informed.

Prof. Winnie Monsod with husband and former COMELEC Chairman Christian Monsod.

“You know I watch Netflix, but you have to watch the news, you have to keep informed, because how are you going to make decisions when you don’t know the correct information? That’s the one thing I mean I think that’s why they put me on Monday,” Monsod said referring to Newsmaker, a program where she tackles the most controversial issues, discussing them with the biggest newsmakers via online video conference. 

“You know, you try to give as much information as you can, and with that information are you not trying to convince them of something? We’re just giving them enough information so that they can make a rational decision. They need and if they don’t do that trying to just hide themselves, yung parang nacococoon sila or you know, what you call the bird, that ostrich. Do you know that ostrich theory of self-preservation, if you don’t know about that it’s not there that’s crazy. That’s the one thing we should not do as Filipino people,” she affirmed.

Mareng Winnie gamely joins the TikTok craze.

Prof. Monsod’s show is one of the programs under the umbrella title “New Normal: The Survival Guide” with five different shows airing weeknights beginning tonight on GMA News TV.

“In the new normal, it is even more important that we have the proper information,” explained Prof. Monsod. “Not false information, but information which is based on data. And this is what I’m trying to do in this show. We talk to the experts, the ones who know the subjects better. 

Susan Enriquez anchors ‘Pera Paraan.’

From life hacks, money tips, family bonding ideas, inspirational stories, and burning issues that need discussion—“New Normal: The Survival Guide” aims to help Filipinos navigate the new way of living. 

 This latest GMA Public Affairs offering is bannered by award-winning hosts like Kara David (for Bright Side), Susan Enriquez (Pera Paraan), Rovilson Fernandez and Tonipet Gaba (Home Work)and Drew Arellano (Family Time),  who feature a different aspect of coping with the new normal every night.

Kara David hosts ‘Bright Side’ 

“New Normal: The Survival Guide is the country’s first daily magazine program entirely conceptualized with the ‘new normal’ in mind,” said Karen Lumbo, program manager of ‘Bright Side.’

“New Normal: The Survival Guide” airs on GMA News TV, Monday to Friday, 8:30 p.m. after the 24 Oras simulcast.

Award-winning public affairs shows move to primetime

Beginning tonight GMA Public Affairs’ internationally-awarded documentary programs add more prestige to GMA News TV with its “Power Block,” which brings together Front Row, Alisto, Tunay na Buhay, Reporter’s Notebook, and I-Witness, which used to air on GMA 7›s “Late Night strip.”

Kicking-off the line-up of eye-opening shows is documentary program Front Row. Airing every Monday, Front Row features stories told from a first-person point of view, a departure from the usual host-driven documentaries usually seen on television.

Every Tuesday, Arnold Clavio leads the public service show, Alisto. It features stories from actual videos of people faced with life-threatening situations as well as the latest modus operandi and stories on crime and safety. Promoting safety, the show aims to remind viewers to be always alert.

Meanwhile, airing on Wednesday is Tunay na Buhay hosted by Pia Arcangel. The show celebrates the triumphs of the human spirit through the inspiring stories of people from all walks of life.

Taking the Thursday slot is investigative program, Reporter’s Notebook, hosted by Maki Pulido and Jun Veneracion

Over the years, Reporter’s Notebook has brought significant issues to the attention of the public, with many stories given more attention by the authorities after being tackled on the show.

Rounding off the line-up of “Power Block” is the country’s longest-running documentary program I-Witness. Every Friday, I-Witness hosts — led by Howie Severino, Sandra Aguinaldo, Atom Araullo and Kara David — share life-changing stories through the documentary format. Each documentary features Filipino values, culture, current events, and the human condition.

“Power Block” is on air Monday to Friday after New Normal: The Survival Guide on GMA News TV.

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