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The Juans with bigger goals

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The Juans with bigger goalsNot even a pandemic can dash the hopes of a group like The Juans, the one you may have initially thought is a boy band but in reality, a bunch of young, good-looking guys who can legitimately play instruments and sing in harmony. 

They’re versatile with a strong fan base and a solid label back-up in Viva Records. More significantly, they’re eyeing bigger goals.

“Our dreams and vision go beyond just releasing another song and an album. We aspire to expand our platform to the level that we can help the common ‘Juan’ not just through inspiration but in real action,” expressed singer-songwriter-keyboardist Carl Guevarra.

The Juans with bigger goals
The Juans just released their latest single ‘Dulo,’ which is a harbinger of their upcoming deeper hugot recordings.

The dude’s the only remaining member from the group’s original line-up and he certainly knows the foundation of his team. 

With multi-million streams-singles like “Hindi Tayo Pwede” and “Hatid,” and big citations like Best Quarantined Produced Song for “Manalangin” (Wish Music Awards, 2021) and Favorite Group of the Year (Myx Music Awards, 2017), The Juans is among those who have shown willingness to give back to the public in general amidst the chaos and uncertainty of the ongoing pandemic.   

Speaking for every Juan in the group, Carl noted, “We dream of a day that we'll be so blessed we can sponsor kids to college and be a strong mover in the media and arts that will provide opportunities to common kids like us.”

In 2018, The Juans hit it big with the release of its EP Umaga, which already revamped to include singer-guitarist Japs Mendoza, bassist Chael Adriano, vocalist-guitarist RJ Cruz, and drummer Joshua Coronel. 

The attention directed at the breakthrough hit “Hindi Tayo Pwede” prompted covers from Janine Tenoso, Katrina Velarde, and Jason Steele, to name a few. And then Asia’s Songbird herself Regine Velasquez-Alcasid did her rendition of their “Istorya.”

Other hits from the band include “Itutulog Na Lang,’ “Pangalawang Bitaw” and  their cover of Rivermaya’s “Balisong.”

Last Aug. 20, The Juans released its latest single “Dulo,” a pop ballad that comes to mind a South Border in its prime with a couple of lead vocalists on board. Don’t be deceived by the title as the boys marked it as the opening of a new door for them. 

They are preparing a couple of other singles and the content of a new album that, in their assessment, will take their knack for hugot songs to a deeper, more meaningful level. 

In their recent Zoom media conference, the group showcased their oneness in thoughts and visual appeal. It’s easy not to wonder why they have won the hearts of music fans and critics. 

Carl further explained the idea behind their upcoming recording projects. “We'd like to start this whole album campaign with a song called ‘Dulo’ because we believe that we must first give up what's not for us so that we can receive the love that we deserve.”

Ex-member Jason De Mesa is the son of the late great Rico J. Puno.

Needless to say, The Juans had an interesting backstory and an even more promising future ahead of them. 


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