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Bentong’s love story in ‘Wagas’

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Wagas features Bentong’s love story today with Pekto and Gwen Zamora playing the comedian and his wife.

Bentong’s love story may be as funny as his demeanor but like in the movies and on TV, it is not as happy and perfect.

He was just starting out as a set decorator when Bentong met Cecile. Back then, he did not think he would marry Cecile since it was her sister he had his eyes on. Bentong and Cecile would fall for each other in the long run. The two were married after Cecile’s parents caught Bentong sleeping inside their house. The first thing that his future parents-in-law required Bentong was to bring them three pigs.

Cecile, Bentong's wife and Bentong recall both their struggles and happy memories

The couple would realize that married life was no laughing matter. While Bentong was on top of his career as a comedian, a calamity struck them, taking away everything they had. Just as he was finally getting back to his feet, having been able to buy a house, the couple was swindled. All of Bentong’s savings were gone. It came to a point that the comedian was begging for any job just to support his family.

Amid all the adversity, Bentong and Cecile proved that their love is stronger than any storm that came along their way.

Pekto and Gwen Zamora relive Bentong’s love story in today’s episode of ‘Wagas’

Watch this funny yet heartwarming story this Saturday in Wagas, 7 p.m. tonight on GMA News TV. 


Actress Meg Imperial became the first player to win the P1-million jackpot prize in ABS-CBN’s game show Minute to Win It, with its “Last Man Standing” edition.

Meg, who bagged the top prize on July 22, said, “I’m very thankful. I can’t believe that I won P1 million because I told myself I would just enjoy the game. It’s my first time to be invited here, and this happened.”

A MILLION RICHER. Sexy actress Meg Imperial wins P1 million in ‘Minute to Win It’

For her Ultimate Challenge, Meg had to complete under one minute the Office Fling challenge, which required her to use an elastic band attached to the legs of a chair to launch three folded sheets of paper on to a table.

Meg took home a total cash prize of P1070000.00 after defeating indie actor Kiko Matos in the Head-to-Head Challenge.

Meanwhile, the return of the country’s most exciting game show was warmly welcomed by viewers nationwide. According to data from Kantar Media, its pilot episode on July 18 posted a national TV rating of 16.8 percent, higher than that of GMA’s Wowowin, which posted 12.8 percent.

As the week continued, Minute to Win It remained as the ratings leader in its timeslot and continued to beat its rival program.


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