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Pandemic’s guilty viewing pleasure

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Pandemic’s guilty viewing pleasureBoys love dramas and Netflix’s big titles are not just the ones that provided entertainment to all the couch potatoes and people cocooning in the safety of their homes this time of the pandemic.

Here in Manila, as we celebrate year one of the quarantine, one melodramatic TV fare, which is now on its finale week, give us more reasons to be lured by free TV, Ang Sa Iyo Ay Akin. 

Pandemic’s guilty viewing pleasure
‘Ang Sa Iyo Ay Akin’ lead cast members

The revenge theme driven soap stars Jodi Sta. Maria, Iza Calzado, Sam Milby, Grae Fernandez, Kira Balinger, Joseph Marco, Rita Avila, and Maricel Soriano. 

According to reports, it gets more love now since it’s already a part of TV 5’s primetime offering. 

So why then do we warmly embrace And Sa Iyo Ay Sa Akin this much?  

My answer to this question comes from New York based Filipino show business observer Ernie Enad Goldworth who said that “Plot is an essential factor why this drama is most watched. With its handful of initial episodes, one may easily dismiss it as another copycat of the original Pangako Sa’ Yo. However. as the story progresses, one realizes that this is different and  it is more than the usual babangon ako at dudurugin ako plot.”

Its plot becomes more alive and riveting because of the staging and presentation of unforgettable scenes.. Some of Goldworth’s recollections of happenings that made an emotional impact and was superbly artistic: “The  first and second were inter connecting scenes with each other, the scene where Jacob was killed and Marissa buried him in that unknown lot and the jump into the next scene where we really know that he really died, since he appeared on the dream of Jake.”  

“Also memorable the Board Room meeting wherein Lucinda (Maricel Soriano) made a sympathetic plea  to the Board Members to extend benefits to all employees and it made Belen (Rita Avila) becoming the devil incarnate in the eyes of all employees. Well-acted and executed as well, the confrontation of Gabriel(Sam Milby), Ellice (Iza Calzado) and Marissa (Jodi Sta. Maria), the hospital stairs scene where Marissa revealed at last to Gabriel that Jake is not his son and Jacob was already dead and revealed that it was Ellice as the one who ordered his murder. The succeeding scene that followed it was amazing. Gabriel bids Ellice goodbye,” Goldworth added.

One of the highlights of the show’s last episodes, of course, was the four way confrontation sequence with Lucing and Marissa against Belen and Elliece. 

“The exchange of slaps that transpired with the powerful feminine quartet to me is epic, satisfying —– It made your blood rise and it was so orgasmic most especially to see once again Maricel’s character giving  Iza’s character a slap she will never forget,” Goldworth explained.

Of course, the great acting by its female leads is a major component why many opine that this evening drama became like a master class in melodrama.

The paring of Grae Fernandez and Kira Balinger refreshes and adds more youthful energy, and despite being newbies they were able to be at par with the seasoned members of the cast. 


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