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Maine Mendoza calls out fans who ask celebrities to remove masks in public

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Actress and TV host Maine Mendoza urged her fans to stop asking celebrities to take off their masks for pictures in public. 

In a tweet on Tuesday, June 11, the “Eat Bulaga” host reminded that asking people to remove their masks for photos needs to stop. 

“Random thought dahil ang daming may sakit ngayon. People should stop asking anyone to take off their masks when posing for a photo,” wrote Maine.

She also emphasized that some people wear masks not just to hide their identities but also to prevent them from having contracting virus.

“Some public figures wear masks in public for reasons beyond just avoiding recognition. Sometimes, some individuals opt to wear masks because they are unwell and prefer not to risk contracting or spreading a virus,” she continued.

Maine then reminded people to always take care of themselves.

“Ang hirap mag trabaho nang masama ang pakiramdam kaya ingat always, fam,” added Maine.


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