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Miss Universe Philippines 2024 Hot Picks

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The much-anticipated coronation of Miss Universe Philippines 2024 will take place at the SM Mall of Asia Arena tonight. Among the 51 candidates, the Manila Standard has spotlighted a select few for this year’s Hot Picks. 

Here’s why these exceptional women deserve the crown, highlighting their beauty, elegance, style, and outstanding communication skills.

1. Ma. Ahtisa Manalo, 26
An accomplished entrepreneur and former Miss International 2018 first runner-up, Ahtisa is the epitome of grace and poise. Her background in Accountancy and her dedication to the Alon Akademie, an organization empowering Filipino youth through entrepreneurial education, showcase her intelligence and commitment to societal development. Ahtisa’s serene beauty, coupled with her articulate advocacy, makes her a compelling candidate.

2. Christi Lynn McGarry, 33
This Filipino-American model and TV host combines stunning beauty with a passion for eco-tourism and sustainability. Christi, a marketing expert and pageant veteran, is a former Miss Intercontinental 2015 first runner-up. Her experience in front of the camera translates into a confident and engaging stage presence, and her advocacy for environmental conservation adds depth to her already impressive profile.

3. Kris Tiffany Janson, 34
Kris is a distinguished TV host and Deputy Protocol Officer at the Office of the Mayor of Cebu. Her Accounting Management background and her experience as Miss Intercontinental 2014 second runner-up highlight her versatility and intelligence. Kris’s elegant demeanor and her effective communication skills make her a standout contender, capable of representing the Philippines with pride.

4. Victoria Velasquez Vincent, 28
An architect and heritage conservationist, Victoria brings a unique blend of beauty and intellect to the competition. Raised in New Zealand, she has a global perspective and a strong advocacy for heritage conservation. As a former Miss Universe Philippines 2021 Charity, her refined style and eloquent advocacy make her a distinguished candidate.

5. Stacey Daniella Gabriel, 26
Stacey, an ABS-CBN talent and entrepreneur, is driven by compassion, continuing her grandmother’s legacy of service. Her dedication to supporting senior citizen prison inmates demonstrates her empathy and strong moral character. Stacey’s radiant beauty, combined with her heartfelt advocacy, makes her a memorable participant.

6. Tarah Valencia, 22
A Tourism Management graduate with a Cum Laude distinction, Tarah is passionate about responsible tourism and environmental sustainability. Her youthful charm and academic excellence, paired with her advocacy for mitigating tourism’s negative impacts, underline her commitment to making a positive difference.

7. Alexie Brooks, 22
A Marketing Management student, Alexie champions women’s empowerment through sports and holistic development. Her fresh and vibrant style, along with her powerful advocacy, ensures she resonates well with audiences, embodying both beauty and strength.

8. Cyrille Payumo, 26
The winner of Miss Tourism International 2019, Cyrille is dedicated to cultural preservation and community empowerment. Her efforts to support the Aetas community in Porac, Pampanga, highlight her dedication and compassion. Cyrille’s grace and her compelling storytelling abilities make her a strong contender.

9. Christina Dela Cruz Chalk, 30
This Scottish-Filipina beauty holds a degree in Pharmacology from the University of Glasgow and is the founder of a global women’s collective supporting mental health. Christina’s refined elegance and her articulate advocacy for mental health foster a sense of community and solidarity.

10. Kayla Carter, 27
A Fil-American TV personality, Kayla advocates for equal educational opportunities for all Filipinos. Her engaging communication skills and her passion for education create a powerful narrative, making her a relatable and inspiring candidate.11. Chelsea Anne Manalo, 24
A Filipino-American model from Bulacan with a tourism degree, Chelsea focuses on youth empowerment, particularly children’s education among indigenous communities. Her youthful energy, coupled with her commitment to social causes, presents a dynamic and heartfelt presence.


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