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Friday, May 24, 2024

BTS V, Jackie Chan appear together in newest ad

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Legendary martial arts actor Jackie Chan and Korean idol V of global supergroup BTS have taken the online world as they appear together in a new commercial promoting an investment app.

Titled “Experience Limitless With SimInvest”, the 63-second commercial opened with a dynamic scene with V showing off his signature charming energy. The camera then transitioned to a beautiful restaurant setting, where Jackie was seen sitting opposite V at a fancy dining table. 

As the camera panned on both superstars, introducing them to the audience, V excitedly greeted Jackie with a clap, exclaiming, “Hey, Sim!” after the Drunken Master legend utters a casual, “Hey, Sim”.

The SimInvest ad ended with V and Jackie dancing together.

The ad immediately gained excitement among fans of both Jackie and V. Fans then took to their X account to express their joy upon seeing the two in one screen.

V is currently serving in military as part of South Korea’s mandatory enlistment while Jackie just had his latest movie “Ride On” last year.


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