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People …are talking about Zen Hernandez

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As a news anchor, Zen deals with current events daily. But this time, she made the news because of a birthday greeting from her colleague Atom Araullo. The greeting wasn’t fancy or colorful since Atom went straight to the point, but their involvement made people speculate about a budding romance between them. Neither Atom nor Zen announced their relationship status. Nonetheless, they both deserve a healthy relationship. 

Kelsey Merritt 

Starring alongside James Reid in his new music video is one thing, but sharing steamy scenes with the singer-actor is something else. Kelsey and James cozied to each other for the music video for “u & i.” It’s been years since James became single, and although fans continue to pine for him, is it Kelsey who will finally put an end to the queue? 

People …are not talking about

Anthony Taberna 

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Toni Gonzaga landed on the trending list for her Shopee endorsement, but it also earned her some flak and several Filipinos calling to boycott the e-commerce platform. The veteran broadcast journalist tried to defend his fellow ALLTV colleague and Shoppee from Filipinos, but the public didn’t mind him. While Ka Tunying is right about the toxicity of the boycott culture, he should also be careful with how he uses his platform, especially since he’s a known broadcast journalist. 

Alexa Miro 

Photographs of the actress-host during the Singapore Grand Prix surfaced just recently. Although she looks like she’s having the time of her life with the First Family, Filipinos can’t help but wonder how she became a part of the event. Alexa clarifies that she remains good friends with Congressman Sandro Marcos, but some are skeptical that there must be more between them to warrant an invite. Guess we’ll have to wait to see where they’ll go together. 

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