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That Kind of Love

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A fan movie for BarDa lovers

Barbie Forteza and David Licauco reunite on-screen in That Kind of Love. It is their first movie together since their unexpected pairing in GMA’s Maria Clara at Ibarra. Known affectionately as BarDa and previously FiLay by their fans, their undeniable chemistry led to another TV collaboration in Maging Sino Ka Man.

Their latest project aims to attract audiences to theaters with its winning formula—a romantic comedy eagerly awaited by fans, promising to charm viewers with their on-screen chemistry once again.

Directed by Catherine O. Camarillo and written by Ellis Catrina, the film is an ideal showcase for BarDa, whose fans eagerly root for their on-screen pairing to continue flourishing and to produce more projects.

Barbie Forteza stars as love coach Mila

Initially tasked with finding a partner for Adam de Dios (David Licauco), Love Coach Mila (Barbie Forteza) unexpectedly finds herself falling for him instead. The story continues with surprises as the romance between the two protagonists slowly develops.

Partially shot in the romantic backdrop of Seoul, South Korea, the film is visually captivating, reminiscent of popular K-Dramas. The vibrant city enhances the sweetness of David and Barbie’s moments together, making each scene shot in the Korean capital even more memorable.

That Kind of Love delves into universal themes like love, relationships, and personal growth, deeply touching audiences with its emotional depth and relatability. From light-hearted to heartfelt moments, Mila and Adam’s journey is sprinkled with genuine kilig, drawing viewers into their story and leaving a lasting impression.

David Licauco plays the role of Adam de Dios

At the movie’s red carpet premiere, fans cheered loudly during romantic moments, especially when David flaunted his impressive physique and when he and Barbie locked lips. The theater was packed with eager fans lining up to see it. With this level of enthusiasm, the movie has a good chance of becoming a box-office success.

Featuring a talented supporting cast including Kaila Estrada, Al Tantay, Arlene Muhlach, Ivan Carapiet, Divine Aucina, and Jef Gaitan, That Kind of Love isn’t just about entertainment and fan service—it also celebrates the enduring impact of love in all its forms.

From left: ‘That Kind of Love’ stars Barbie Forteza and David Licauco with director Catherine O. Camarillo

That Kind of Love was produced by Pocket Media Productions, Incorporation and Pocket Media Films in cooperation with Happy Infinite Productions, Incorporation. Released and distributed by Regal Entertainment, the romantic film opens in cinemas nationwide starting today.


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