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Kokoy looks forward to working anew with Elijah 

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Actor Kokoy De Santos revealed that he was pleasantly surprised to find out that a third season of the hit Pinoy BL (boys love) series Gameboys is already in the works.

During the movie screening of Gameboys The Movie at the “EnlighTEN: The IdeaFirst Film Festival”, the whole cast was taken by surprise when a photo flashed on the screen saying Gameboys NYC.

“I don’t know if that is really season 3. But as far as I know, there will be Gameboys in New York,” said Kokoy.

He even asked film director and producer Perci Intalan to know more about the much-anticipated sequel but failed to get further details.

Kokoy also shared that he trusts the content creation company and felt excited about what was in store for the beloved series.

“But I’m so excited. So, I feel like it’s anytime soon because, you know, it’s The IdeaFirst Company, they like to surprise,” he continued.

The Your Mother’s Son star is excited to reunite with Elijah Canlas for the next season of their series.

“I miss him. We’re both busy, but nothing’s changed. We still call each other ‘Baby’ and talk often,” Kokoy said.

On their on-screen chemistry, Kokoy credited their friendship: “It’s the authenticity and how we treat each other as real friends.”

After his initial work in Gameboys, Kokoy became busy carving his own name in the entertainment industry – from being part of the longest-running gag show Bubble Gang to becoming one of the runners in Running Man Philippines alongside Mikael Daez, Glaiza De Castro, Lexi Gonzales, Buboy Villar, Angel Guardian, and Miguel Tanfelix.

Being the humble actor that he is, Kokoy felt grateful to be cast in such a great show that even he had to face his greatest fear, it’s fine.

“You saw the episode with horror, I really won’t forget it because I wanted to back out. That’s one of my fears. There are two—rides and horror. They put the rides in Season 1 and the horror in Season 2,” quipped Kokoy.

“But it was something, as I said, if not for Running Man, I wouldn’t have experienced that kind of production. The production design was different, I kept telling myself in my head, repeatedly when that race started, ‘This is just a set-up, this is just for work,” he continued.

“But, as Boss G [Glaiza] said, as it says in our song, ‘Go lang nang go!’” added Kokoy.


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