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Sparkle goes to Canada

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Julie Anne, Rayver, Bianca, Ruru, David, Barbie promise to give Filipinos abroad a piece of home

For Ruru Madrid, spending time with Filipinos overseas brings him so much joy, just as much as they gain entertainment from those who remind them of home. He sees it as a way to reconnect and show his appreciation for their unwavering support.

“We know they miss home, and spending time (with them) is like a remedy for their longing,” Ruru said during the press conference for Sparkle GMA Artist Center’s first-ever world tour in Canada this April.

“The longing and warmth of Filipinos abroad are different. You really know they miss the Philippines. We’re happy to be the instrument that brings joy to them. That’s a great honor for us,” he added.

Julie Anne San Jose (right) and Rayver Cruz make hearts soar with a lovely duet

Called Sparkle Goes to Canada, it is the Artist Center’s first-ever back-to-back shows in the land of the maple leaf. It is directed by Johnny “Mr. M.” Manahan and features performances from Ruru and Bianca Umali, along with Sparkle’s best Julie Anne San Jose and Rayver Cruz, and David Licauco and Barbie Forteza.

“It’s like bringing a piece of home to Filipinos overseas who have been away for some time, especially those who are homesick. And I guess that’s the ultimate thing we can do through our show,” stated Barbie.

Sparkle is mounting two shows for its fans and supporters abroad. The first show will be held on April 5 at the Southview Alliance Church in Calgary. Meanwhile, the second show will be held on April 7 at the Toronto Pavilion in Toronto.

Reel and real-life couple Ruru Madrid (right) and Bianca Umali

“It’s our first time performing together as a group abroad, specifically in Canada. We’re excited to see our fans, including our Global Pinoys, and mingle with them. That alone makes me incredibly excited to be part of this tour,” Julie said.

Avid fans and supporters of Julie and Rayver, Bianca and Ruru, and David and Barbie can look forward to stellar production numbers performed by the stars,   which can only be witnessed live on the Canada tour.

“Simply putting on this show means a lot to them, and it’s the same for us. The reception from Filipinos abroad is truly different; you can tell they miss the Philippines,” Rayver said.

David Licauco (right) and Barbie Forteza share a sweet moment onstage

“The highlight of this show is the way we, as GMA artists, are raised to give each other equal spotlight. Fans will see individual performances and group productions in addition to the usual love team acts,” added Bianca.

For David, he’s also excited to fly to Canada and reunite with his fellow Sparkle artists.

“We don’t get to see that often, its Barbie who is the one who’s closest to them,” David said, referring to the other stars on the tour. “So, I guess we’ll be doing a lot of bonding while we’re there, especially since Barbie’s trying to introduce them to me. That sounds exciting for me as well.”

Joining the group is Boobay, who’s ready to bring laughter and joy as he joins Sparkle’s best at the highly anticipated Sparkle Goes to Canada Show.

Sparkle Goes to Canada is produced by Sparkle GMA Artist Center and Berce Enterprises, together with GMA Pinoy TV. For those interested in tickets, please contact Vangie Fons at 587-834-1820, Beth Malcolm at 416-731-4772, and Candace David at 416-825-5750.


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