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JC de Vera opens up about blissful married life

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Amid the recent wave of showbiz break-ups, actor JC de Vera remains unfazed, expressing contentment with his married life. He shares that his relationship with his wife Rikkah Cruz is strong and thriving.

“My life right now is very balanced,” he reflects. “If I don’t have tapings or shootings, I just stay at home with my family. Life for me is simpler, spending quality time with my wife and kids.”

One major factor contributing to their happiness, he suggests, is that his wife isn’t from the industry. This, he believes, shields them from unwanted attention and allows them to focus on their family without distraction.

“We don’t hug the spotlight so intrigues are not after us. That’s why I’m very confident to say that I’m in a good position when it comes to family life. I’m very much okay. I have the best wife ever. She’s my best partner for life. For one, she’s so supportive. She understands everything and simply continues to take care of our family,” the 37-year-old actor explained.

In fact, it’s no issue to Rikkah if he has kissing or intimate scenes with his leading ladies, just like with Japanese model Sakura Akiyoshi in their movie Apo Hapon (A Love Story) directed by Joel Lamangan.

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“Yes, it’s no big deal actually. My work is different from my family life. Fortunately, I am able to separate the two.”

Curiously, do JC and Rikkah still dream of expanding their family?

“Currently content with our two daughters, we do plan on another child, but without the pressure of gender expectations. It’s all in God’s timing.”

Speaking of his recent film Apo Hapon (A Love Story), JC expresses pride.

“I’m proud of this movie. Working under Direk Joel is an honor. The film showcases his directorial prowess, and I’m confident viewers will appreciate it.”

On his collaboration with Sakura, JC has nothing but good words for his co-star.

“She’s kind, humble, and cooperative, making our work together a pleasure,” JC ends.

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Asawa ng Asawa Ko main villainess Liezel Lopez reveals that acting has always been her dream.

“That’s why, despite the challenges, I persisted in undergoing an audition for the sixth season of StarStruck in 2015, luckily landing in the Top 7 of our batch,” she said.

Her love for acting began at the young age of 12. “I started acting in school plays and church presentations. At that time, I promised myself to audition for StarStruck. Actually, Jackie Rice inspired me. She was the Ultimate Female Survivor of the third season. Like her, I’m also from Olongapo. We even attended the same school,” Liezel shared.

Interestingly, standing at 5’6”, she received offers to join beauty pageants before. “Some even offered to train me for pageants, but I told them it’s not my cup of tea. Acting is truly my passion, and I’m so happy to have fulfilled my dream,” Liezel said.

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