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DonBelle opens up about time, family, smart choices 

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The new generation’s phenomenal love team, Donny Pangilinan and Belle Mariano, otherwise known as DonBelle, opened up about their most cherished values in a recent interview for their latest campaign with Smart Prepaid.

The hit on-screen partners and Smart Prepaid endorsers revealed how fame has molded them into more responsible individuals, recognizing that the decisions they make today will shape their future.

“I think what I value most is my time because I feel like anyone who gives time to something means you value that thing because there’s so much you can do in life but there’s so little time you can do them,” said Donny.

“It’s a very important thing to keep in mind that time is not infinite and it’s something you should really cherish. So that value can go to your family, friends, or loved ones,” he added.

‘Can’t Buy Me Love’ stars Donny Pangilinan (left) and Belle Mariano

Belle echoed this by saying, “I think that goes for everyone. I value my family so much, my friends, everyone in my life and I wouldn’t be me without them.”

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Donny and Belle are strong advocates of the importance of making smart choices to secure their future.

“As young as we may be, we know that as a generation, we can influence the next generation so it’s important that we make smart decisions in our everyday lives that will affect our future,” said Belle.

In this digital age, DonBelle believes that online shopping allows for more savings compared to visiting malls and stores, hence, it’s important to always stay connected online so you won’t miss huge deals and discounts and get to check out more options for your needs.

“I sometimes prefer online selling platforms compared to malls, like, if I like to buy something, I compare options on where I should source out things. Most of the time, I end up getting them online, delivered to my house,” said Donny.

For Belle’s part, she said, “Who doesn’t prefer sulit? I think it’s a very wise decision for us to make. I always go for quality. That’s how I know I’m getting my money’s worth because spending our money wisely never gets old.”

Belle also added that she is a fan of Buy 1 Take 1 deals. Belle is conscious about how a product is made and is a fan of purchases that last longer. “For me, it’s quality over quantity. People should always go for things that they can use for a long period of time.”

Donny offered some valuable financial advice for Gen Zs like him. He suggested allocating a portion of your budget for spontaneous purchases but emphasized the importance of setting a strict limit.

“Most of the time, we act on emotion, not by common sense. When I don’t really process something, we make decisions we regret. Same with spending, right? Planning is important. You can even set aside a budget for your spontaneous purchases and don’t spend anything beyond that amount,” he said.

Both actors also stressed the significance of seeking guidance from trusted financial advisors. Donny recommended seeking advice from individuals you admire and who have experience, such as your parents, and being accountable to them.

“Get advice from people you look up to, people who have gone before you like your parents, and be accountable to people. Also, do your research. put your money in a place that you are certain that will grow to, di lang one place but in different places,” he explained.

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