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Why Andrea Torres remains friends with ex-lovers

IN a recent TV interview, Andrea Torres shared that she maintains friendships with most of her ex-boyfriends. “That’s true! But not all. Still, I believe that being friends is important,” she asserted.

When asked about her belief in staying friends with ex-lovers, Andrea explained her perspective. “Firstly, you shared a past. Just because the romantic relationship didn’t work out doesn’t mean you should harbor hatred. It’s essential to remember that, at one point, you loved and cared for each other, as well as your respective families.”

“Even if there was cheating involved, I wouldn’t do anything to intentionally harm my former partner. It’s much better to communicate and resolve any lingering issues amicably,” she added.

Kapuso actress Andrea Torres

Regarding her current love life, the GMA actress revealed, “Right now, I’m not in a romantic relationship. However, I believe I have become stronger.

Going through heartbreak can be incredibly tough, but I’ve learned that I’m more resilient than I thought. It may feel like the end of the world when a love story ends, but it’s essential to pick yourself up and move forward.”

“Every time you go through a relationship, something is built in your character in which you can say that you can handle the pain. In that way, you become more confident.”

Interestingly, how does she deal with the pain?

Andrea said that in her journey of growth and balance, she has learned to handle relationship pain by confiding in her trusted family and friends.

She believes in giving herself the time to heal and process emotions, avoiding impulsive actions that may lead to regrets.

Cheating, due to its impact on trust, is the one mistake she finds hard to forgive, as it can disrupt the dynamics of a couple even after forgiveness.

While she used to give her all in love, Andrea now understands the importance of maintaining a balance and not sacrificing her family and dreams solely for the sake of love.


The forthcoming 2023 Metro Manila Film Festival this coming December promises to be a star-studded event.

First, there’s the film A Mother and Son’s Story top-billed by Megastar Sharon Cuneta and Asia’s Multi-Media Star Alden Richards.

Pieta starring Superstar and National Artist Nora Aunor is reported to be 80 percent finished post-production-wise and has all the time to beat the September 29 deadline for the submission of finished films. Ate Guy’s co-stars here are Alfred Vargas and another multi-awarded thespian, Jaclyn Jose.

Meanwhile, Star for All Seasons Vilma Santos has a probable entry, too. Titled, When I Met You in Tokyo, she stars in the film opposite perennial screen partner Christopher de Leon.

Talks are ripe that Diamond Star Maricel Soriano has an entry also. The Aga Muhlach-Julia Barretto movie is also a potential entry.

With all the luminaries mentioned, it would really be one of MMFF’s most colorful editions if ever.

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