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Garrett Bolden reflects on experience in Guam for ‘Miss Saigon’ 

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Performing in any rendition of a critically-acclaimed stage musical is a unique opportunity for any singer’s career. While performers like Lea Salonga proved time and time again that she belongs on the roster of Broadway musicals and similar productions, other newly-established artists gained a footing and are showing their talents in musicals. 

Garrett is ready to learn new things this 2023

Last year, the Kapuso Soul Balladeer Garrett Bolden embarked on a new and unique chapter of his career as he joined a production of Miss Saigon in Guam, USA, early on September 22 as an American GI named John Thomas.

For Garrett, the experience is one for the books. 

“It’s something new na ginawa ko. It’s a production in which I’ve learned a lot of new wisdom when it comes to singing and performing. And it’s something that I would love to do someday again,” Garrett said during an online media conference. 

Despite having his talent recognized and celebrating a career milestone, Garrett also admitted it was a challenging experience for him, which he enjoyed every minute. 

“Not only was I able to unlock a new skill, but I also enjoyed working with other theater actors.” the Kapuso Soul Balladeer shared. 

He added that singing “Bui Doi” was the best part of his experience because of how he pulled it off. When Garrett first announced he was joining the cast of Miss Saigon, people who knew about the musical reminded him of the relevance of “Bui Doi.” It wasn’t until his last show for Miss Saigoin in Guam that he felt the message and power of the song. 

Joining ‘Miss Saigon’ allowed Garrett to work with stage performers and new people

“It took me a while because all the pressure was on me. But when I just listened—it’s possible pala to listen to yourself while singing, to listen to the story, and it’s magical,” Garrett said. 

Now that he’s back in the Philippines, Garrett has new music to share with his adoring audience. 

The new album is a compilation of his songs since he began with GMA Music and graduated from The Clash. Garrett also said that he wrote part of the songs in the album. The latest one, “Ikaw Pala,” is a revival of the Kris Lawrence hit from the 2000s. 

“I picked this song because the message is nice and gives me this warm feeling. Some of the songs I have in this album are sad, and some are uplifting. And this time, it’s a feel-good song. It talks about finding out you are choosing the right person,” Garrett said. 

He also believes that “Ikaw Pala” completes his new album because it’s a story of how relationships work and how choosing the right person helps others feel whole. 

Besides releasing his new album and other future pieces, Garrett envisions 2023 as a year to learn new skills relevant to his career. But he doesn’t limit himself to singing. The Kapuso Soul Balladeer divulged his interest in trying his hand at hosting and acting. When he does, he hopes to go in prepared. 

Garrett Bolden singing ‘Bui Doi’ in ‘Miss Saigon’

It’ll be impressive to see what Garrett can achieve as he continues to unlock new skills to help him further his career in the music and entertainment industries. 


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