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World’s leading wellness lifestyle firm Technogym opens Manila branch

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Technogym, a world leader in wellness lifestyle, opened its brand-new space in Manila. 

Located at Twenty-Five Seven Mckinley Building 25th Street, the space is spread across over 160 sqm and is designed to allow customers to discover the best products, technologies, and services for physical exercise at home. 

The store will also have access to experienced personal trainers and interior designers for bespoke home-gym projects and personalized consultations.

Technogym is a global leader in wellness lifestyle, with its innovative Italian design, cutting-edge technology, high quality, and easy-to-use products that are seen and experienced in the most desirable gyms, private members’ clubs, leading hotels and’s exclusive homes across the globe. 

It is the preferred choice of the world’s leading athletes and sport teams. 

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It has also served as the official supplier of the Olympic Games for 9 times in the past, and will continue to do so in the upcoming Paris 2024 edition.

At the heart of the brand lies in its unique concept of wellness – Technogym’s lifestyle is committed to promoting regular exercise, a balanced diet and positive mental approach that translates into everything the company does, from products to digital fitness services to interior design.

Whether the goal is athletic training, like running, cycling or triathlon prep, to losing weight, maintaining health, or simply to stay fit and have fun, Technogym is the only brand able to offer Precision Training, a fully personalized training experience based on individual needs, passions and aspirations. 

Technogym’s offering features a curated selection of connected smart equipment, digital services and on-demand training programs for every need.

For design lovers, the Personal Line combines acclaimed designer Antonio Citterio’s style with Technogym’s experience in fitness and wellness technologies. The line features a complete range of cardio equipment, from the more traditional treadmill, bike and elliptical to the iconic Kinesis product – Technogym’s exclusive solution to improve strength, balance and flexibility.  

For those who wants to improve performance, Technogym has created Technogym Run, the only treadmill for both cardio and power that offers a wide variety of on-demand workout modes and programs, as well as Technogym Ride, the first bike designed by cycling champions for indoor cycling training, at home and in the gym. 

For those who have a limited space available, the MyRun – Technogym’s “smart” treadmill is compact, minimal, and easy-to-use. MyRun offers an incredible selection of training content by simply connecting the device to a tablet or Technogym Bench, the ultimate solution for home functional training that is designed to combine maximum exercise variety with minimum footprint. 

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