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The continuing saga of now fugitive Quiboloy

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“With the warrants of arrest hanging over the head of Quiboloy, we can only say that he indeed is guilty, and now a fugitive from justice”

The continuing saga of the Church of Jesus Christ founder and “self-appointed Son of God” Pastor Apollo Quiboloy may well be the last chapter, Santa Banana!

The Senate and the House of Representatives have issued warrants of arrest for the sect’s pastor for continuing to snub summons for his appearance to testify following accusations against him for alleged rape, sexual abuse, human trafficking by witnesses.

But, my gulay, Quiboloy continues to play hide and seek with the warrants of arrest, which now makes him a fugitive. It is said that Quiboloy is now in the highlands of Davao.

The Senate had given Quiboloy enough leeway and even a two-day allowance to surrender and show cause why he should not be guilty as charged.

With the warrants of arrest hanging over the head of Quiboloy, we can only say that he indeed is guilty, and now a fugitive from justice!

Simultaneously, the Department of Justice Secretary filed cases of rape, sexual abuse and human trafficking against the “self-sppointed Son of God.”

But, with Quiboloy now playing hide and seek with Congress, the big question is: Can all those warrants of arrest be enforced?

Even if Congress seeks the help of the PNP, knowing the resources of the founder of the sect, Quiboloy will manage to evade those warrants of arrest.

This is precisely the reason why the DOJ had filed the cases of rape, sex abuse and human trafficking against the sect founder in any regional court of law in Manila, knowing the money and influence of Quiboloy in Davao City.

Recall that a former case was filed against Quiboloy in Davao City but was eventually dismissed.

The worries of Quiboloy are multiplied with a forthcoming extradition case against him by a California court in the United States, also for rape, sexual abuse, human trafficking and money laundering.

Santa Banana, I wonder how Quibolioy will get out of this jam.

The people would well be warned about sect founders like Quiboloy. Santa Banana, Quiboloy even has a plane that carries him all over the world to victimize his followers. Being a sect founder certainly is a very profitable business.

But what is strange is the affiliation of the Dutertes, father and daughter, with the sect founder.

My gulay, first, why was the former President interested in being the moderator of Quiboloy’s assets and properties?

I know the former President’s spiritual advisor is Quiboloy.

Being an alumnus of the Ateneo de Davao and San Beda University, what does former President Rodrigo Duterte see in Quiboloy to have him as his spiritual adviser?

I hate to say this, but have the Duterte Father and Daughter become members of the sect of Quiboloy?

I included Vice President Sara Duetrte because of her support and undying love for the sect founder, so much so that the sect’s followers have staged a rally to proclaim the Duterte Father and Daughter as Vice President and President, respectively.

Santa Banana, oh no! A Quiboloy follower as Philippine President? What have we Filipinos done to deserve Quiboloy as spiritual adviser to Duterte?

In any case, the continuing saga of Quiboloy is likened to a teleserye that could equal ”Batang Quiapo.”

Else I am mistaken, I am not against people joining sects, but when they become members of government and get involved in the state affairs of people, that’s where I draw the line.

While Quiboloy is seeking divine guidance in the highlands of Davao, trying to hide from the long arms of the law, he would do well to learn that eventually Congress and the Department of Justice will find him and have him explain all the accusations against him for rape, sexual abuse and human trafficking.

Like in the case of another fugitive, the expelled congressman of Negros Oriental Arnulfo Teves, wanted for being the alleged mastermind of the killing of Negros Orienatl governor Roel Degamo and nine others.

Teves is being returned to the Philippines by the National Bureau of Investigation.

Flight from the law is a sign of guilt, Santa Banana!


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