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Strange affiliation of Dutertes with Quiboloy

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“What I find interesting is the support the former President, Rodrigo Roa Duterte, and his daughter, Vice President Sara Duterte, are giving Quiboloy”

Santa Banana, with both chambers of Congress, the Senate and the House of Representatives, citing the Kingdom of Jesus Christ sect and the self-appointed “Son of God” Pastor Apollo Quiboloy , charging him with contempt and issuing warrants of arrest for human trafficking, rape, and sexual abuses, can Quiboloy succeed in playing hide and seek with Congress?

To add to his problems with Congress, Quiboloy’s TV network, Sunshine Media Network Inc. had its 25-year franchise revoked by the legislative franchise committee of the House for various offenses.

To top it all, a judge in California has unsealed a warrant of arrest against Quiboloy for human trafficking, sexual abuses, money laundering.

Considering that the sect leader is not in the United States, an extradition case has to be filed against Quiboloy by the US court.

Santa Banana, with all these cases and problems, the “self-appointed Son of God” continues to play hide and seek from the long arms of the law?

His lawyers said that he is now hiding in the highlands of Davao seeking divine guidance.

Both chambers of Congress want Quiboloy to explain in an inquiry all the charges filed by members of his sect against him.

To me, as a journalist, what I find interesting is the support the former President, Rodrigo Roa Duterte, and his daughter, Vice President Sara Duterte, are giving Quiboloy.

Have the Dutertes been converted to be members of Quiboloy’s sect?

The former President, for instance, has offered Quiboloy to be the administrator of all the sect’s properties and assets.

My gulay, with all the cases and crimes attributed to the sect leader, just in case a forfeiture case is issued against Quiboloy, can Duterte avoid it?

I wonder. Duterte certainly has faith in his spiritual adviser.

Then, there is Vice President Sara urging a fair trial on Quiboloy. Both father and daughter certainly have great love and faith in Quiboloy.

Hide and seek? Santa Banana, where in Davao City can Quiboloy be hiding?

I don’t know if the city has jungles like the Cordilleras. In any case, with all the warrants of arrest thrown against Quiboloy, the big question now is: can “the self-appointed Son of God” continue to evade arrest?

According to reports, the Senate has given Quiboloy 48 hours to “ show cause” why he should not be arrested.

That’s enough reason to show the Senate wants to show they are not railroading the case against him.

With only five senators signing Quiboloy’s defense, it looks like the Senate majority wants to cite the sect leader’s arrest.

The lawyers of Quiboloy want him to face all the charges in a court of law. I also believe that this will be forthcoming.

In the aftermath of all this circus on Quiboloy, a prayer rally of the Kingdom of Jesus Christ has come up with a Duterte-Duterte combination for 2028, with Sara running for president and the former President running for Vice President.

I believe, however, that Sara should not encourage this possibility since she is education secretary and she could easily be accused of using the DepEd as a higher step to become President.

I am sure Sara knows that once she makes official her aspiration for President, she can be accused of using her office and might even have to resign.

My gulay, 2028 is still four years away and the Duterte followers are already campaigning and their affiliation with Quiboloy with all the warrants of arrest thrown at him and with all the accusations he is facing.

To be identified with Quiboloy is damaging, plus Sara can be accused of using her position as DepEd chief to her advantage.

In any case this saga of “the self-appointed Son of God” is beginning to look like a teleserye, good enough to be made into a movie.

The question now is the forthcoming extradition of Quiboloy with an arrest warrant against him by a California court.

As they say in the vernacular, Abangan.


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