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Events PH can’t be proud of

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“I cannot imagine how NAIA has become what it is today when other international gateways in the region have been improving their international gateways”

I really wonder why the Philippines is getting famous for too many unsavory things and events.

My gulay, the country has been labelled as having the worst international airport in the region and in the Middle East.

With all the photos of rats, cockroaches and bedbugs taken by passengers, the Ninoy Aquino International Airport could be well known henceforth as the worst pest-infested international airport for travelers worldwide. Santa Banana!

Thank heavens, the government had decided to have NAIA rehabilitated, modernized, and managed by the San Miguel-led consortium for 15 years and extendable for another 10 years.

I cannot imagine how NAIA has become what it is today when other international gateways in the region have been improving their international gateways.

My gulay, we hope we may still in our lifetime have an international airport that we can be proud of.

I really wonder what’s happening to our country with all the unsavory events reported in the newspaper headlines.

There is for instance the case of the former President Rodrigo Duterte and his former Chief of Police Ronald “Bato” dela Rosa, now a senator, who could be issued a warrant of arrest for crimes against humanity by The Hague-based International Criminal Court.

We had a former Bureau of Corrections chief who treated the national penitentiary as his fiefdom and his deputy who are wanted for the killing of the newscaster Percy Lapid and some others.

And yet, they have disappeared and are now hiding in the Cordilleras. I am referring, of course, to Gerald Bantag and Ricardo Zulueta.

Santa Banana, we also have a former congressman, Arnulfo Teves, who is wanted and is a fugitive, known for the killing of the former governor of Negros Oriental Roel Degamo and nine others.

Teves continues to evade arrest by going abroad to some other countries, the latest of which is Timor Leste.

Now, there’s the evangelist and founder of the Kingdom of Jesus Christ Church and self-appointed “Son of God” Apollo Quiboloy who continues to play hide and seek with the Senate in an effort not to be arrested and detained for contempt.

Central District of California Judge Terry Hatter Jr. has ordered the unsealing of the arrest warrants against Quiboloy and three others accused of charges of conspiracy to engage in sex trafficking by force, fraud, coercion, sex trafficking of children, conspiracy and cash smuggling, which will bring the case closer toward extraditing the pastor.

Quiboloy is wanted by the US Federal Bureau of Investigation, according to a New York-based lawyer.

This could be the first step in initiating the extradition process for Quiboloy as the International Criminal Police Organization may now issue red notices against those covered by the arrest warrants, according to New York lawyer Lara Gregory.

Strangely, Quiboloy gets support from four senators, Santa Banana!


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