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New Triad: USA, Yakusa & Takusa

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That’s how the USA mob gets loyalty: mafia initiation, mug, kick, burn, spit, and get subservience of the sonafabitch

The news headline the past week says it all, “Philippines, Japan eye forming security triad with US,” allegedly to the “China threat.”

The sinister “triad” name was actually given by the Center for Strategic and International Studies. It begs the question, “When has China ever threatened the peace and security of Asia?”

Wasn’t it the US with “gunboat diplomacy” that spread mayhem and colonized the Philippines, followed by Imperial Japan in World War II?

China, in historical fact, was an ally of the Philippines, exemplified by the support from China’s Sun Yat Sen, to the Philippine Revolution through Mariano Ponce.

In WWII the Chinese contingent Wah Chi composed of Chinese guerillas supported the Hukbalahap against the occupying Japanese Imperial Army.

The South China Sea had been unsafe only when the two 20th Century imperialist powers, US and Japan, imposed blockades in the South China Sea to control Asia.

China was invaded via the sea 400 times in history and lost Hong Kong and other cities to the invaders for a while. The Western colonial powers used the SCS to spread their colonial tentacles.

China sailed the South China Sea hundreds of years before Magellan invaded the Philippines in 1521, eventually leading to its occupation, but Admiral Zheng He’s fleet had visited Jolo between December 1405-1407 which led to the return visit of the King of Sulu Paduka Pahala/Paduka Batara to the Chinese emperor in 1417.

Zheng He’s “treasure voyages” had been fabled as the Seven Voyages of Sinbad, and lasted 28 years and there is no word of conquests being made; there were local vendettas that pulled away on the loyalties of Zheng He, but never had any occupation of any nation.

That is China’s peaceful internationalist DNA that prevails to this day.

The New Triad boss USA (pronounced like “deer” in Tagalog), in the classic mode of the gangster, has mustered the cowed Yakusa of Asia and the recidivist Takusa (not “takot sa asawa” but “takot sa USA”) of the ASEAN neighborhood to its side — to sic on the Asian Dragon that the dimunitive French Napoleon Bonaparte emperor once warned not to wake, lest it will “shake the world.”

Truth is, China has shaken the world in the way the vast majority of the human race, the former colonized nations, likes.

Rallying to China’s equanimous approach to global and regional issues are the nine ASEAN countries most concerned about the peace in the region and BRICS Plus countries counting 10 members and soon up to 40 countries creating a “Community of Shared Future for Mankind.”

The BRICS Plus geo-economic alliance now represents 37 percent of Global GDP to the US-led G-7’s 29 percent, and controls 40 percent of the world’s energy supply while gross agricultural production of BRICS accounted for over 50 percent of the world’s total.

Russia with Ukraine’s wheat production areas under its control supplies 30 percent of the world’s wheat.

The more important alliance to consider is ASEAN with its Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership, a free trade agreement led by China and including Japan and South Korea, now constituting the world’s largest free trade agreement.

By being part of the New Triad, the Philippines is isolating itself from BRICS and ASEAN. Is this sensible to do?

The tottering USA “capo di tutti capi” is calling the New Triad to a mob meeting in April where, the consigliere announced, “leaders will advance a trilateral partnership built on deep historical ties of friendship,” in true gangland spirit of the USA mugging the Takusa in its colonial war and burning the hell into the Yakusa’s flesh with atomic aplomb.

That’s how the USA mob gets loyalty: mafia initiation, mug, kick, burn, spit, and get subservience of the sonafabitch. Look at the triad now, tagged along around the world by the “capo di tutti capi,” especially the Takusa, to Europe, Australia, and around the world.

Otherwise, they get the “cement shoes.”

Remember what USA consigliere Henry Kissinger said many years ago, “It’s dangerous to be America’s enemy, but to be America’s friend is fatal.”

Worse is reserved for its allies, just look at USA mafia enforcer Zelensky and Ukraine, they’re getting the “cement shoes” soon.


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