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US prepares a new proxy war

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Now the Philippines is at loggerheads with China, BBM is traipsing across the Western Alliance countries drumming up ‘China threat’ rhetoric

Think about this, it took actually nine years from the first move of the United States the lead up to the Ukraine War and the actual full blown outbreak of Russia’s “Special Military Operations” into Ukraine in February of 2022.

In the year 2000 an independent candidate won the election for president of Ukraine, Victor Yanukovych. He tried to balance his policies between the EU and Russia, which is what the vast majority of Ukrainians preferred then. For this he was branded by the US as pro-Russian.

In 2014 the US launched a very bloody coup against Yanukovych, highlighted by American neo-conservative fascist Victoria Nuland mingling with protestors distributing cookies to show open support.

US-allied neo-Nazi snipers shot down protestors to blame on the Yanukovych government and police.

Yanukovych abdicated and fled for his life.

Nuland was bugged, loudly telling US ambassador Pyatt that Arseniy “Yats” Yatseniuk would be the better replacement for the fallen elected president Yanukovych.

Eight years of “phony war” (low intensity, no major hostility) ensued, then 2022 came.

Feb. 24, 2022 Russia invaded Ukraine.

The West believed Russia wouldn’t survive Western economic sanctions.

In March 2022 the West, confident Russia could not win but seeking to keep a distance, declared it would not declare a “No Fly Zone’ against Russia.

But I have always in mind Russia will eventually win this war.

Today, American military analyst such as Col. Douglas MacGregor, tank commander in Iraq War I and Trump military adviser, said at least 400,000 Ukrainian soldiers have been killed and double that effectively crippled.

It’s only months to an AFU (Armed Forces of Ukraine) collapse. The US did not expect this, as they did not expect defeat in Korea, Vietnam, Afghanistan.

The proxy wars’ role in US strategic thinking is the maintenance of US global hegemony — they are concerned with Asia as well.

In 2011 President Obama declared the “Pivot to Asia” to shift 60 percent of its naval forces to Asia and around China. In February 2023 in the Philippines there was a very soft “auto-golpe” or self-coup in the Philippines.

The US just suffered a very serious debacle with six-years of the China-friendly Duterte administration.

In 2022 Duterte supported Bongbong Marcos’ presidential bid by running his daughter as vice-presidential candidate of BBM whose statements as senator and candidate were consistent with Duterte.

In 2016 BBM as senator said, “… the agreement (EDCA military bases) should have been ratified by the Senate,” then in January 2022 candidate BBM told media “That arbitration is no longer an arbitration if there’s only one party. So, it’s no longer available to us,…”

In May 2022, candidate Marcos said, “Philippine-China ties ‘set to shift to a higher gear…”

By February 2023 after the warm welcome from President Xi Jinping in his state visit to China, BBM without rhyme nor reason reversed all his political and diplomatic positions, approved five new EDCA US military bases, set the dogs loose on China’s exercise of sovereign control of the South China Sea, while the US clapped and goaded from behind.

What happened in the Philippines that February 2023 was a very soft “auto-golpe” or soft coup of BBM with an American deal in is hand against the old BBM that everybody knew and voted for in the elections of 2022.

Now the Philippines is at loggerheads with China, BBM is traipsing across the Western Alliance countries drumming up “China threat” rhetoric.

In 2023 January in Davos BBM said, “… there is no point in the Philippines building up its armory,” but his armed forces want P1-trillion for three submarines amidst deteriorating hunger and poverty in the country.

In Australia, BBM talked awkwardly about Philippines being “in the frontline like WWII” while in Germany, BBM spoke of “maritime defense alliance…”

ASEAN is quietly aghast, as Malaysian PM Anwar Ibrahim’s speeches tangentially addresses, and President Xi telegraphs the message to the US telling the PLA Navy and force “… prepare for conflicts at sea.”

China is ready for the US, but is BBM ready to see the Marcos legacy go down the Zelensky way?

The US has contingency plans for extricating Zelensky from Ukraine, Asia Times reveals.


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