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Kerwin: Release narco ledger

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SUSPECTED drug lord Kerwin Espinosa has manifested his desire to declassify the supposed ledger containing the names of government officials benefited from the illegal drug trade so he could corroborate its contents.

Philippine National Police Chief Ronald dela Rosa said Espinosa expressed his willingness to execute an affidavit and affirm it in public to lessen the threats to his life.

“Espinosa hinted the involvement of government officials, but he has to include it in his sworn affidavit,” Dela Rosa said, quoting Espinosa as saying the officials were candidates whom he supported in the last election.

Kerwin Espinosa

When asked if he knew then Department of Justice and now Senator Leila de Lima, Espinosa responded “no comment.”

“In the last election, Kerwin Espinosa had given financial support to candidates, but already lost contact with them,” Dela Rosa said.

Espinosa is also expected to identify the big-time drug lords who have been supplying him illegal drugs.

The PNP has decided to detain Espinosa at Camp Crame’s custodial center because of the threats against his life and Dela Rosa challenged criminal and drug syndicates wanting to silence Espinosa to attack Crame.

Espinosa admitted fearing for his safety following his arrest and the data he will be providing the authorities relating to his involvement and his top cohorts in the illegal drug dealing.

“We will not be cowed by these criminals,” Dela Rosa said as he challenged them (criminals) to attack Camp Crame and assured that “heads will roll if there are police protectors.”

“Espinosa is a very vital key,” Dela Rosa said referring to the alleged complicity of ranking government officials in the illegal drug trade.

Espinosa admitted he had no knowledge of his father’s supposed ledger and the affidavit he had executed before his death.

“We will cross-match in order to confirm the information he had and the ledger of his father,” the PNP chief explained.

He said Espinosa had already conferred with Sr. Supt Albert Ignatius Ferro, chief of the PNP Anti-Illegal Drugs Group, about the information he knew in illegal drug transactions.

“We will conduct a case buildup against all the personalities involved based on the information he would be providing to the AIDG that would bolster their campaign against illegal drugs,” Dela Rosa said.


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