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Witty Noypis poke fun at P200 bill after Chocolate Hills went trending

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Humorous Filipinos could not help but take the now viral image of Captain’s Peak Resort at the foot of Chocolate Hills to their 200-peso bills.

Facebook user Ken Hensly jumped in on the issue by posting a simple message on his wall.

“Check niyo na lang mga 200 niyo kung na-update na (Check your P200 bills if they have also been updated),” Hensly wrote in his post, referring to the image of Chocolate Hills on the back portion of the green-colored Philippine banknote.

The post, which was set in public evidently became viral, too. It has so far generated 28,000 laughing reactions and 18,000 shares.

One of the netizens under username Karl Marx also replied in the comments section, posting a photoshopped version of the 200-peso bill with the ‘eyesore’ image of the viral resort.

Is that legal? Multinational software company Adobe does not actually permit photoshopping bills as part of its counterfeit deterrence system, but some people still do it anyway.  


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