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Naked man at MRT faces deportation

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The Bureau of Immigration said it would deport the foreign national who ran naked along the Metro Rail Transit (MRT) tracks if found illegally staying in the country.

BI Commissioner Jaime Morente said they will conduct an investigation into  the identity, as well as the status of the foreigner, who, while being checked by security personnel yesterday morning, removed his clothes and jumped towards the tracks heading to the Shaw Boulevard station.

“We will check his immigration status in the country, if he is legally staying here. If found to be staying illegally,  the man may be subjected to deportation proceedings,” he said.

The statement from MRT officials stated that the passenger was apprehended immediately and was endorsed to the Mandaluyong Police Station for.

“We will be coordinating with MRT officials to confirm the identity of this man. We have received initial information about him already from the arresting agency,” said Morente. 

He may only be deported, however, once the cases filed against him have been resolved and he has served his sentence from those cases, if any.


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