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Pork tariff cut fails to lower prices–Kiko

Noting that pork prices remain high despite the lower tariff on imported meat, Senator Francis “Kiko” Pangilinan  sought the restoration of the original 20- to 30-percent levels and help hog raisers recover from the African swine fever that wiped out their stock.

Three months since the pork tariff cuts, pork prices are still high. And our local hog-raisers are still suffering,” Pangilinan said.

The promise of lower pork prices has not been fulfilled. That’s why when Congress reopens, I will raise again my recommendation to raise tariffs on imported pork to original rate),” he added.

Available data from the Department of Agriculture showed that as of July 9, the prevailing price per kilogram of pork ham (kasim) was P340, while that of pork belly (liempo) was at P380. Prices previously hit as much  as P400.

Three-hundred eighty is still high. Pre-ASF, pork per kilo costs about P240. Let’s support the local hog raisers and give them a fighting chance. With our current policy, only the importers are smiling while Filipino consumers continue to be on pork diet because they could not afford the high prices,” he added.

In April, Executive Order 128 reduced the tariff rate on imported pork within the minimum access volume (MAV) from 30 percent to 5 percent in the first three months and to 10 percent in the 4th to 12th month. Macon Ramos-Araneta

Tariff on pork imports outside the MAV was reduced from 40 percent to 15 percent for the first three months, then 20 percent for the succeeding nine months.

The order was signed as the national government sought to curb rising pork prices and inflation due to the African swine fever, which hit several local hog raisers, affecting supply.

About a month later, Executive Order 133 was released, modifying the tariff rates on imported pork products. The new tariffs on pork imports under the minimum access volume (MAV) would be 10 percent for the first three months, and 15 percent in the next nine months.

The tariff for pork imports outside MAV would be reduced to 20 percent for the first three months and 25 percent in the succeeding months. 

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