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Pimentel calls for economic justice, unity on 126th Philippine Independence Day

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As the Philippines marks its 126th Independence Day on June 12, 2024, Senate Minority Leader Aquilino “Koko” Pimentel III has called on the nation to rally against today’s formidable challenges, urging Filipinos to confront “modern-day enemies” threatening the country’s progress and prosperity.

“May we use this occasion to remind ourselves of the challenges we face today: inflation, joblessness, poverty, corruption, and crime,” Pimentel stated. He emphasized that the struggle for true independence continues beyond the historical fight against colonial rule.

Pimentel highlighted the pressing issue of inflation, advocating for measures to achieve economic stability and improve the lives of ordinary citizens.

“Let us fight for salary hikes that reflect the true cost of living and give dignity to each hardworking Filipino,” the lawmaker out of Cagayan de Oro urged, calling for economic policies that uplift all sectors of society.

The senator also underscored the need for a united effort to eradicate corruption and reduce poverty and unemployment. “Let us work together to make our country safer for its people,” he said, stressing that national security extends beyond physical safety to economic and social wellbeing.

Pimentel’s address was a call to action for a more just and inclusive society. He envisions a Philippines where freedom is not only celebrated as a historical achievement, but also lived daily through equitable opportunities and a fair justice system.

Reflecting on the significance of Independence Day, Pimentel honored the sacrifices of the nation’s forefathers. “As we celebrate this day, let us also commit ourselves to preserving the spirit of freedom and independence for future generations,” he concluded. 


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