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MECO chief welcomes Taiwan firms’ incentives grant to OFWs

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Filipino workers in Taiwan are receiving more benefits for their diligence and hard work, including promotion and the opportunity for permanent residence in Taiwan with their families, the Manila Economic and Cultural Office said.

MECO chairman Silvestre Bello III said the incentives are being offered by more employers of overseas Filipino workers (OFWs) in Taiwan who have displayed exemplary performance in the workplace.

Bello cited as example the case of I-Mei Foods Co. Ltd in Taoyuan that has hired over 10,000 Filipino workers for more than 30 years. It is a food company founded in 1934 and became a popular consumer brand in Taiwan. I-Mei is also a major milk processor.

“In I-Mei Foods alone, about 53 OFWs had been promoted to mid-managerial positions. That gave them the privilege of being exempted from the maximum period of stay in Taiwan,” Bello said.

The government of Taiwan allows foreign workers a maximum of 12 years of work in manufacturing firms except when given mid-level work assignments.

“And with the assistance of the company, they can apply for permanent residence and invite their families to live with them in Taiwan,” Bello said.

Several Taiwanese companies had similarly rewarded Filipino workers with job promotion for their excellent work ethic and performance. Just last year, an OFW was hailed by the Taiwanese government as an outstanding worker, and was elevated to a managerial position in the electronic company where he was working.

Bello, together with MECO vice chairman Renato Ebarle and other MECO officials, visited I-Mei’s processing plant last week and was pleased with the manner the company looks after the OFW’s working condition and wellbeing.

“I am especially thankful to Taiwanese companies like I-Mei for taking good care of our OFWs, ensuring their safety in the workplace and looking after their welfare,” he said.

He also noted that a number of workers hired by I-Mei came from his home province of Isabela.


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