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Sunday, June 23, 2024

#ANONGBALITA ‘Leaf’ over beef: 60% of Olympics meals meat-free

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The Paris Olympics is setting a new record for environment sustainability, with 60 percent of the food served to the public being meat-free and 80 percent sourced locally, euronews reported.

“It’s also our responsibility to educate the people who will be engaged in Paris 2024,” said Paris 2024 President Tony Estanguet in a statement.

The restaurant in the Olympic Village will serve 40,000 meals daily and will be open 24 hours.

Chef Alexandre Mazzia pomises a “fun, gourmet, and healthy” touch to the dishes.

Some 33 percent of the food will be plant-based.

Athletes will eat off washable plates instead of disposable ones.

“It’s a collective duty now to change our habits and definitely to reduce our carbon footprint. So, when you buy food in the venue, you should also try the vegan food that is served because, in terms of taste, it’s very good,” Estanguet added.


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