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Wednesday, July 24, 2024

Marcos on Aquinos: ‘We have always been okay. We just don’t agree politically’

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President Ferdinand Marcos Jr. on Wednesday said the Marcoses and the Aquinos had always been okay amid the political history between the two families.

“We have always been okay. We just don’t agree politically,” Mr. Marcos said upon being asked about the historical tensions between their families.

The President’s remarks came after First Lady Liza Araneta Marcos shared a photo during a recent visit of Kris Aquino’s sons, Josh and Bimby.

He said the visit was a personal and familial interaction between his wife and the Aquino siblings.

“It’s sort of I suppose, put a little more – how do you say – personal, a human interaction between our families,” Marcos said.

He explained the First Lady is the aunt of the two Aquinos, as her aunt married Don Pepe Cojuangco, the eldest brother of Cory Aquino.  

The visit included exchanging gifts and was a gesture of gratitude, with Josh and Bimby seeking help from the First Lady for travel arrangements. 

“So, they are related. So, it’s no wonder, she knows them – she knows her nieces and nephews very well. So, that – and so, they came and traveled, came back with gifts. That’s it. They brought the gifts to the First Lady,” Marcos said.

“They just wanted to say thank you. And so – I believe it was a really nice gesture from the Aquino family,” he added.


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