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BI, PRA sign data sharing agreement

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The Bureau of Immigration (BI) and the Philippine Retirement Authority (PRA) recently signed a data sharing agreement in a bid to prevent undesirable foreigners from using the country as a sanctuary to escape the crime they committed in their own country.

Representatives from the BI and PRA agreed to share data on derogatory records and travel history of applicants for retiree’s visa, which will be used in assessing their qualifications.

By law, the PRA is mandated to process applications for Special Resident Retiree’s Visa (SRRV), to be issued to foreign nationals opting to retire or reside permanently in the country.

The SRRV is a special non-immigrant visa, which permits multiple entry and provides other benefits. The PRA issues this document to qualified foreign national retirees.

Signing the agreement on behalf of the PRA were General Manager and CEO Roberto Zobrado and Department Manager Antonio Rivera. The BI, meanwhile, were represented by Commissioner Norman Tansingco and Legal Division Chief Arvin Santos.

The initiative aims to expedite data exchange, facilitate smoother procedures for SRRV holders, and enable a more efficient monitoring system for immigration officers.

The data sharing agreement introduces an advanced online/electronic system designed to facilitate the seamless exchange of information between the BI and PRA. This allows the PRA to access travel histories and simplify the verification of any derogatory records.

Likewise, the system seeks to bolster the implementation of Republic Act No. 11032, also known as the Ease of Doing Business and Efficient Government Service Delivery Act of 2018.

Tansingco said the effort aims to assist the PRA in vetting foreign nationals applying for visas in the country.

“This electronic data exchange system would allow for better monitoring, assisting the PRA in the implementation of their mandate, as well as allowing the BI to intercept foreign nationals with derogatory records attempting to reside in the country,” said Tansingco.

The agreement shall be valid and effective for a period of five years, and subject to renewal every two years.

Editor’s Note: This is an updated article. Originally posted with the headline Shady foreigners can’t retire in the Philippines under new BI, PRA agreement


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