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Rody: I’m just old, but not about to die anytime soon

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Senator Bong Go went live on Thursday with former President Rodrigo Duterte on his Facebook page to show he was “alive and kicking.”

Rumors of Duterte’s passing had circulated after fake reports of his death were posted in social media.

In Go’s post, Duterte said he has been staying home as he is already retired from politics.

“Mga kababayan ko, kamusta kayong lahat? Ako’y matanda na at hindi natin maiwasan ‘yung balita na, ‘yung nagkasakit. Wala naman akong sakit at feeling ko hindi naman ako mamatay ngayon kaagad,” he said.

He added: “Matanda na ako. Nagsilbi na ako sa inyo, pinakamatagal, mayor, tapos presidente. Wag kayong magtaka na mamamatay ako. Mas mabuti pang magtanong bakit buhay pa ‘yan. ‘Yun pa. Pero kung sabihin mo, nabalitaan ninyo, may chismis… Lahat tayo, ikaw, ako, lahat ng kaharap ko, mamamatay tayo. Hindi ako exception.”

In a mix of English and Filipino, Go reaffirmed his support for the Dutertes.

“Just like Duterte advised me then and now: ‘Do what is right, fulfill your duty to the country, and prioritize the interest of Filipinos,’” he added.

“My family is from Batangas. I grew up in Metro Manila. I am Bisaya as well. And many municipalities, cities, and provinces consider me their adopted son. That is why my loyalty is and will always be with the Filipino people,” Go said.

Aside from a Facebook live video with Duterte, Go also posted photos together with the former president.


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