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Tuesday, July 16, 2024

UP admin assures safety of WPS researchers amid heightened tensions in the high seas

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University of the Philippines (UP) President Angelo Jimenez on Tuesday assured the safety of the researchers it sent to the West Philippine Sea (WPS) amid escalating tensions in the disputed waters.

In an interview at the launch of the university’s flagship Strategic Plan for 2023-2029, Jimenez said they have safety protocols in place to ensure that the civilian researchers will not be caught in the geopolitical crossfire between Philippines and China.

“Of course, we have to do safety protocols, our researchers are non-political. They are only researchers, so we make sure that their activities are civilian in nature,” the UP official said.

Jimenez said the safety of their researchers remains their primary concern, noting that the UP administration would not sacrifice any of them should they feel threatened during the conduct of their civilian research mission.

Aside from research, the university is also promoting the Blue Economy wherein seawater will be used as a means of livelihood sustainability.

“Let us intensify our research not just in the water, but also surface, subsurface and even seabed resources,” Jimenez said. 


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