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Marcos nixes hike in illegal parking fines

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President Marcos on Wednesday halted the proposed increase in illegal parking fines in Metro Manila.

In a video message shared on his social media account, the President expressed his understanding of the proposal’s intention, but emphasized his preference for disciplining motorists over imposing penalties.

“To continue the good service of our government, I did not allow the Joint Traffic Circular No. 01 of the Metro Manila Council regarding the provision to increase the fine for illegal parking from P1,000 to up to P4,000. It will remain at P1,000,” the President said in Filipino.

“While I understand the intention behind the proposal, I’ve decided to prioritize discipline over penalties. Ang Bagong Pilipino ay disiplinado (The new Filipino is disciplined). By focusing on individual responsibility we can create long-lasting solutions to our traffic challenge,” he added.

Under the Metro Manila Council (MMC) Joint Circular No. 01, parking fines would increase the financial penalty from P1,000 to P4,000. It was supposed to be implemented last April 15.

The President’s decision also echoes his previous directive to refrain from penalizing e-bicycles and e-tricycles operating on national roads in Metro Manila following the implementation of the ban on such vehicles that would have taken effect also last April 15.

Editor’s Note: This is an updated article. Originally posted with the headline Marcos halts proposed hike of illegal parking fine


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