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Padilla wants Senate to probe how media covers global conflicts

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Citing the key role of the mass media in maintaining a healthy and functioning democracy, Sen. Robinhood Padilla wants to explore how media can fulfill this mandate during times of conflict, including the escalating territorial and maritime disputes in the West Philippine Sea (WPS).

Padilla expressed this position in his Senate Resolution 999. He noted that it is very crucial for Filipinos to be well-informed of the consequences of our political inclination and possible courses of action should these aforementioned global conflicts escalate.

The former actor turned politician acknowledged that people working in the mass media are “considered truthtellers,” who play “a vital role” in shaping public perception and opinion pertinent to existing conflicts, especially during critical times.

Because of this, Padilla said it is “imperative” that the media “relays accurate and timely information to the public on pressing issues, particularly on present global conflicts with the end view of raising awareness and enabling citizens to prepare and make sound decisions for themselves.”

In filing his resolution, Padilla is seeking an investigation on this matter by the Senate Committee on Public Information and Mass Media, which he chairs.

Padilla also pointed out no less than President Marcos underscored the importance of media in leading and fostering public discussion, truth and credibility, the rule of law, especially in broadcasting, news reporting and information dissemination.

He emphasized that the Philippines stands to be affected by various sorts of global and political tension from conflicts, including the Philippines’ dispute with China in the West Philippine Sea, the armed conflict between Russia and Ukraine, and the increasing tension between Israel and Iran.

According to Padilla, the WPS dispute poses potential threats to the entire ASEAN region and inadvertently puts the Philippines in a potential crisis situation, while the Russia-Ukraine conflict may affect long-existing issues, including soaring inflation, fuel shortages and food insecurity.


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