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Cops told to use digital tech in fighting crime

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President Ferdinand Marcos Jr. ordered the graduating Philippine National Police Academy (PNPA) Layag-Diwa Class of 2024 to utilize the power of digital and information technology (IT) in combating crime, serving the public, and fostering innovation within their respective fields.

Addressing the graduates at Camp Gen. Mariano Castañeda in Silang, Cavite, Mr. Marcos emphasized the importance of integrating technology into law enforcement efforts, particularly in addressing cybercrime.

“I challenge you to leverage that technology that you are familiar with as aids in protecting and serving our people, especially in battling cybercrime,” the President said in his address.

He encouraged the graduates to embrace the concept of smart policing, emphasizing that while technology plays a crucial role, traditional policing methods remain essential in maintaining public safety.

“The fight against crime is now a potent mix of gadgets and war rooms, and old-fashioned grunt work, by gritty police officers,’ he stated.

Addressing those destined for the Bureau of Fire Protection (BFP) and the Bureau of Jail Management and Penology (BJMP), President Marcos emphasized the importance of maximizing IT to enhance service delivery and efficiency while reducing costs.

Class valedictorian Ma. Camille C. Cabasis of Lian Batangastalks to the press after the graduation rites.

“We should not be content with current fire response time, but instead strive to make it faster,” the President said

“We should not crow about jail improvements, but we should push the envelope further, lessening congestion. And most of those in uniform have kept the values and principles that define who public servants truly are,” he added.

Congratulating the members of the 2024 “Layag-Diwa” Class, President Marcos urged them to let the PNPA’s core values of Justice, Integrity, and Service guide their actions.

He underscored the importance of prioritizing the nation’s welfare over personal interests, stating that such values are fundamental to true public service.

“Taumbayan bago ang sarili. ‘Yan din ang mithiin ng Bagong Pilipinas. Isang lipunang patas. Isang bayang bawat mamamayan ay ligtas,” he said.

(Serve the people before yourself. This is the aspiration of the New Philippines. A society founded on fairness. A nation where every citizen is secure.

Out of the 223 graduating PNPA cadets, 199 will join the Philippine National Police (PNP), while 12 will enlist in the BJMP and another 12 will serve in the BFP.


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