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Romualdez: Motorcycle bill a priority

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Updated on February 25 // 11: 39 PM

Speaker Martin Romualdez declared on Sunday the prioritization of House Bill No. 3412, which seeks to legalize motorcycles as public transportation vehicles and reform current transportation network vehicle service (TNVS) regulations.

 “The maintenance of peace and order, the protection of life, liberty, and property, and the promotion of the general welfare are foundational to our democracy. It’s imperative to adapt our laws to the evolving transportation landscape to ensure the well-being and convenience of our citizens,” he said.

1-Rider party-list Reps. Ramon Rodrigo Gutierrez and Bonifacio Bosita introduced the proposed measure. HB 3412, or the’ Act Regulating the Operation of Motorcycles-for-Hire’ remains pending at the House committee on transportation since Aug. 15, 2022.

Romualdez’s statement was a direct response to President Ferdinand Marcos Jr.’s advocacy for increased transportation options for the Filipino people as demonstrated by his support for the legalization of motorcycle taxis and the easing of TNVS regulations.

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The President’s stance was notably expressed following his meeting with officials from Grab Holdings, Inc. at Malacañang, underscoring the need for diverse and accessible transportation solutions.

HB No. 3412 aims to address the legal barriers that currently prevent motorcycles from being used as common carriers, thereby fostering a more inclusive and flexible transportation framework.

“Many of our countrymen have been given the opportunity and livelihood out of this industry of motorcycle taxis. It is time that we should recognize them as one responsible sector of our society, and to provide adequate regulations for the interest of our people,” the Speaker said.

The motorcycle taxi bill is also seen as a response to the rapid development of app-driven transport network companies, and is expected to facilitate better regulation, enhance safety standards, and contribute significantly to the country’s economic recovery post-pandemic.

He echoed the Chief Executive’s message that “the legalization of motorcycle taxis and the relaxation of TNVS regulations align with our goals to provide more choices for passengers, drivers, and businesses, particularly micro small and medium entrepreneurs.”

The Speaker noted that “this approach not only addresses the demand for more accessible public transport, but also contributes to the economic recovery and employment opportunities in the country.”

Romualdez urged fellow lawmakers and stakeholders to support the bill, emphasizing the positive impact it will have on commuters, the transportation sector, and the economy at large.

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