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#ANONGBALITA Senator Padilla laughs off criticisms over wife’s gluta drip inside his office

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Senator Robin Padilla said he found it funny that some netizens criticized his wife, actress Mariel Padilla, for having her glutathione drip session inside his office.

“That is a funny political issue, my goodness,” the senator said after his wife, in a now deleted Instagram post, wrote: “Drip anywhere is our motto! Hehehe. I was going to be late so I had it done in my husband’s office hehe I never miss a drip because it really helps in soooo many ways.”

Social media users were quick to screenshot the post before the actress took it down. On Reddit, users described the act as “inappropriate and disrespectful in so many ways.”

“If people see something wrong with the photo, I am sorry. There was no intention of disrespect. My wife loves to promote good looks and good health. This really cracked me up,” the senator said.

The Department of Health, however, weighed in on the hazards of using intravenous glutathione, noting this has not yet been approved by the Food and Drug Administration and therefore is illegal.

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“IV glutathione will whiten your skin and make you look really like caucasian, but it can damage your kidneys and kill you,” Health Secretary Ted Herbosa said.

“I’m telling you from the Department of Health: It is not safe. The FDA has not registered it for skin whitening. If there’s someone using it, it is illegal,” the DOH chief added.

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