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Marcos enjoins mediamen to inspire Filipino children

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President Ferdinand Marcos Jr. urged television networks and media personalities to help build a media environment that nurtures and inspires Filipino children, through policies and programs that promote responsible TV viewership.

Presidential Communications Office Secretary Cheloy Velicaria-Garafil conveyed the President’s speech during the Anak TV Seal Awards, where he underscored the role of various television stakeholders in creating a positive media landscape.

“I enjoin all Philippine TV networks, artists, and journalists, among others, to wield your power and utilize your platform in promoting media and online literacy and advocating child-sensitive content,” the President said.

“Continue to work with this administration in shaping a more positive, nurturing, and inspiring media landscape for Filipino children by expanding your awareness of the needs of your young audience,” he said.

The Anak TV Seal Awards, a national recognition presented by various stakeholders such as parents, educators, businesses, and media organizations, honors programs that promote responsible TV viewership through child-sensitive and friendly formats.

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This year’s awards ceremony took place after a three-year hiatus due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Marcos commended Anak TV for acknowledging outstanding child-friendly television programs contributing to developing a socially conscious generation of Filipinos.

He also acknowledged the awardees for producing quality content that plays a pivotal role in shaping the values of Filipino children.

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