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PNP identifies 2 gunmen behind bus shooting in Nueva Ecija

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The Philippine National Police (PNP) on Tuesday identified the gunmen as well as the mastermind behind the shooting inside a bus in Nueva Ecija.

According to PNP-Public Informations Office Acting Chief and spokesperson, Police Col. Jean Fajardo, the documents are being prepared to file a complaint against the perpetrators but refused to give full details about it.

“The papers and sworn statements of the relatives of the victims are just being completed,” Fajardo said.

“Anytime this week, we are preparing to file a case, As for the personalities, who are the ones to file the case, let’s wait to see who they are,” she added.

Fajardo also assured the public that the one who filed the case was confident because the identities of the involved matched the result of the PNP investigation.

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“But one thing I could assure you, whoever filed the case is very confident that they got the correct persons involved, including the two gunmen and the mastermind behind this incident.” Col. Fajardo said.

Both passengers died on the spot after being shot inside the bus by two unidentified gunmen.

After the shooting, the assailants ordered the driver to stop the bus, then got off and fled.

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